Thursday, September 07, 2006


my favorite headline in a long time:

Brownback polling better in Israel than in Iowa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Katie Couric anchored her first CBS news cast this evening. She is the first woman to ever host an evening news show without a male co-anchor. That's pretty sweet. I'm excited. And, I thought she did a good job for her first night. In a few months I think she'll find what works best and make it her own news program. Changes are already visible. Since CBS is in 3rd place for this time slot they won't be afraid to make the changes needed. This will hopefully revolutionize evening news.
Yay for change. Hopefully, now we can elect a woman president in '08.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

weird news

uh-oh. good thing I'm no longer a freshman...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i'm always listening...

Last week, as I was going back through my class notes from the semester and studying, I noticed a trend. I like to write down the funny, awkward and basically interesting things my professors say in class. No, not necessarily the things we should learn for the test but things that strike me as different. I compiled a partial list. I was pretty bad at keeping notes together this school year so I don't think I got all of them, but I don't think I'd want to share all of them anyway.
But here are the things I've heard. I guess I just like to listen to the funny things of life.

“Teaching college students is the most fun thing in the whole, wide world.” –C. Johnson (obviously sarcasm since she deals with pre-law undergrads...damn pre-law kids, so pretentious)

“If you plagiarize, I will kill you.” -D. Guth (It’s funny, because it’s true…which also makes it a little scary….)

“I was much more of a bitch back then.” –C. Johnson defending herself against students who believe she is a hard teacher and expects too much.

“clear writing indicates clear thinking and fuzzy writing indicates fuzzy thinking”

“nice, Midwest, liberal, college-town….nice place to start a revolution” -documentary about the MC5

“This class will liberate you from the tyranny of what you used to think.” –J. Bremer speaking of what we would learn in Western Civilization.

“synthetic sex turned into a spectator sport” –documentary about “The Twist” in the 1960s.

Friday, May 19, 2006

sound of settling

ahhhh. feel that? it's the sound of summer, slowly settling, surrounding us.

I think my inner psyche needs to realize that it IS summer. I still have this pressure inside of me-go to work, work on a project prepare a presentation. I'm still in my semester mode. I even feel guilty beginning this potentially lengthy blog entry. My instinct is to keep going-work, class, SUA, study. I need to rev down.

It's not just an unusual hot spring day. It's not just a weekend with no pressing projects to work on or no tests to study for. It's just summer.

Hopefully, this weekend-with only graduation celebrations to attend and friends to enjoy time with-I will realize I CAN relax. I can start watching the episodes of "Lost" I have so kindly been supplied with. I'm sure a healthy obsession will ensue...

(Programming note-I'm watching the CBS Evening News and they just did a story about this elephant "farm" (I guess?) in central Florida. It's adorable. I've decided I LOVE elephants. :)

I think the summer must have been lurking in western Kansas the past week. It let the majority of KU students finish finals and prepare for graduation. Today is the first, unofficial, day of summer. The sun is shining, the trees are green, the temps are HOT. I drove home late this afternoon with the air on and the cotton from trees floating past my car in the humid air.

I am going to relax now. Or at least TRY to. I might also have to do laundry and clean my room...