Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Favorite New Word: Prayfullness

Somehow, I find myself watching PBS. I have three channels in HD, so I might as well learn something. I'm watching an episode of Prayer in America. The episode description: "Examines how prayer has contributed to the fabric of American history, culture and everyday life". I'm not a religious person, but I can appreciate learning about a religion from a... well, outside point of view. I like approaching it like you would anything else in history or popular culture. As a scholar, not as a person of faith. Not that I do not have faith. I have much faith. I would have given up on the job search long ago without faith. More, I do not have a religion and religion has, in fact, probably turned me off from having faith in the past. Thankfully, I have since been educated (pause for haughty look from a highly educated young woman....oh, wait - that's not me. The haughty look, not the educated part...) and have been able to find a distinction between having an established religion and and being religious (or having religious tendencies like faith or prayer). I'm still wary of religion and the ridiculous things it makes people do. I cannot deny it has had a positive influence on thousands of lost souls and others needing hope and a definite say in the structure (whether positive or negative, I do not know) of our country (best class I ever took: American Studies/Sociology 110) but it has also done some largely negative things for our world. Which, given a certain 5-year anniversary taking place today I refuse to discuss since it makes me absolutely sick, is a whole other post for several other days.
But, prayfullness. It was used in this episode of Prayer in America and it made me giggle. The man using it was totally serious and academic and the use made sense..but prayfullness? America should really stop making up words. I think we're out of any good options.

Wow, and that was going to be a short entry. Whoops.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anyone else remember how much ice we got in December? It was like living on a skating rink which is very tricky when going to campus on a giant hill. Or a mount. Mount Oread that is. Still, with all the time I spent on campus because of Campaigns, I got some awesome shots of Stace and I celebrating the completion of The Plans Book (to remain unseen) and a cool shot of our lovely ice-covered campus.
A bit of tweaking in Picasa made this picture look a little grainy (from the sharpening) but also rather striking and mysterious.