Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Movie Blast: Part One (May - June-ish)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Prince Caspian is a hottie and I still love darling little Lucy. And why the heck did it take so long for Aslan to show up, honestly? I think I liked this one better than The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. And the hostility betwixt William and PC was fantastic. Expected, but definitely fun. And I loved Edwin's grown up attitude. Quite the humorist of the bunch and a bit more mature. Fantastic. Did you know he grew like 6 inches while filming the first CON? Talk about a grown spurt. And internet bless IMDB, for that bit of information.

Sex and the City. It was damn fun. A little bit more serious than you're used to seeing in a 30-minute episode, but something had to happen for there to be a plot. So, there's this middle to end 3/5 of the movie that isn't quite the laughs and humor you get used to with SATC. But, enjoying it with a cosmo and old friends made for quite an enjoyable evening.

The Incredible Hulk. Did I mention I'll see almost ANY movie if you get me in the right mood? It was a rainy Sunday, what else was I supposed to do? Edward Norton is a hottie and a damn fine actor, so I loved his performance. Liv Tyler, well I would really like to BE her, so I thought she was great. And Tim Roth pulled off a nice antagonist to the BB's alter ego. Yet, I didn't feel the motivation was quite there for his character's action. Initially, yes. But then? Well, maybe the gamma is addicting in low doses. And he did have some absurd lines, all the actors did really, but what else are you to expect? It's an action movie and it was good, summer fun.

Trailer-in-waiting: While, I grew absolutely GIDDY in seeing The X-Files trailer (I knew it the minute I saw Amanda Peet and heard her say "you're not exactly the most popular woman with the FBI, right now...") I'd really like a Harry Potter trailer. If that hits me unexpectedly (without any WB announcement beforehand) I might spill my Diet Dr. Pepper. So, future movie goers watch out. You have been warned.

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