Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ridiculous. A yes you can sale? Really, Southwest, Really?

Also, I don't get the Snuggie.
Gawker has mocked it. Mrs. Newlywed bought one. And apparently, a bunch of other people. It's a marketing anomaly.

It's everywhere and I'm trying to understand it. Is it the nation collectively turning to the fetus position in our current state of gloom and plummeting economy? And why can't we use a blanket or just use a robe? Why?!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I smell like a tomater!

Ok, I don't really talk like that. But, currently, I DO smell like vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, etc. I don't even like eating vegetables that much, do you think I can count them as a serving if I put them on my face?

I didn't just slice up some veggies and slather them on my face, I'm using some of Burt's Bees natural products! I'm excited to see how this goes, because I was just recently at an Arbonne party (also uses mostly natural products) and it made me think about all the crap that goes into the products you put on your face. Mineral oil in particular is kind of nasty stuff. I did absolutely nothing to triscuit in several hours; another triscuit in water became totally mushy.

So anyways, I was looking up some Burt's Bees products online today and while at Hy-Vee, I got a couple things:

Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap:

Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner:

I also got some fun foot creme that I'm looking forward to using before bed tonight! And who doesn't love their lip balm? I've also found their Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme is awesome. (I got this one from my friend Becca - thanks Becca!) For the life of me, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop picking at my nail beds and fingernails but this and a fresh coat of clear nail polish every night is going to keep them from looking their worse.

So, 30 minutes after using my vegi-filled face products, my face definitely feels different. The toner is supposed to help balance the pH level of my face which will help decrease the amount of oil production (here's hoppin', I have the face of 15-year old!). It's also maybe a little dry but I did not buy any moisturizer since it was a bit more expensive and I didn't know how much money I wanted to dedicate to my "natural" cleansing routine.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life and Death, Justice and Morals: The Theme of Thursday TV

Grey's Anatomy had a two episode main storyline that delved quite deeply into a moral gray area. (Grey's/gray, kind of fits.) A prisoner on death row had to have some sort of brain surgery (I am fuzzy on the details) even though his execution was scheduled in five days. This prisoner somehow finds out there is a child who needs an organ transplant. And (in the wonderful world of tv) they happen to be a match. The prisoner wants the doctors to let him die so he can give his organs, but should he be allowed the redemption? McDreamy doesn't think so but Meridith wants to show the prisoner compassion in his final days (despite his crimes) and Miranda wants to ignore her doctor's oath to save the young patient in need of the organs. In the end, the prisoner will be dead. But what of the means? Do they matter when the outcome is the same? In this moral gray area, I thought they should let the prisoner die; perhaps, for what I saw as the greater good: the boy in need of the organs. In the end, they didn't have to kill one to save the other but what if that other choice wasn't there?

In Private Practice, two doctors squared off in the debate over assisted suicide. A double edged sword; can you let someone suffer though the only alternative is helping them die?

Another patient in "Private Practice" had behavioral issues and wouldn't go outside because she was "afraid of everything." I think that could be my biggest fear: not being able to overcome your own self-doubt and the judgment of others to enjoy what is good and joyful about life. Because why live if you're scared of every minute?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why, helllllloooooo 44

I wonder how long it will be until we don't love absolutely EVERYTHING they do. I hope it lasts awhile. Because it's kind of a nice feeling to be ABSOLUTELY. IN. LOVE. with the president and the first family.

The giggly sensation of watching President Obama (I love saying that!) and the lovely first lady having their first dance at the first inauguration ball (or prom? or their wedding?) is like crushing on that cute senior boy in high school. Who also happens to be really smart and likable.

Also awesome: "Now I'd like to dance with the one who brought me. She does everything I do but backwards and in heels. My wife, Michelle Obama." He's charming AND funny!

Fact: KU Med Center lost access to their online patient records today because SO MANY PEOPLE WERE WATCHING THE INAUGURATION ONLINE.

Fact: People generally accept President Obama as the 44th president (he self-referred himself as such in his speech) but now people are arguing this is wrong because Grover Cleveland served 2 terms non-consecutively and is counted twice. So, really 43 people have now served as president but President Obama is 44, President Bush 43, President Clinton 42, etc. Stop nitpicking and enjoy the hope-y feeling people! Don't be hatin'!

Best KU b-ball fan sign from last night read: 2008 National Champions, KU Basketball and Barack Obama (included pictures). Other side: Barack Chalk Jayhawk. I love the play on words.

Also, my friend Briana got to be AT the inauguration. Like ON the mall. Check out her twitter!

She was here:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday and My Favorite Things

(Note: due to title, obligatory SNL skit posted below. Because it's awesome. And I figured out how to embed clips from Hulu.)

Sitting here in my sun-filled room, online shopping at J.Crew and enjoying the sounds of the adult alternative music channel on my cable box (channel 914, if anyone is curious). I think my favorite music since I was old enough to have favorite music was adult alternative. Which is funny, because as a 12-year old, I definitely was not an adult. Just proves that this particular music sub-genre is mis-named.

Favorites so far:
"Satellite" by DMB (on top 5 list of favorite songs)This song was on a mixed tape (yes, TAPE) a friend made me in like 8th or 9th grade. I think that's why I love it so much. I think she made this tape because I literally knew NOTHING about music at all. I still don't know much.
"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (also a strong contender for top 5 songs)
A song by Donavon Frankenreiter. Had never heard of him before, but am now listening to more on myspace. Kind of beachy, chillaxed, Jack Johnson kind of songs.
There was also an Adele song. 18 I think? I was *this* close to buying her cd at Target last week. I think I'll visit her myspace sometime soon.

"Slide" by Goo Goo Dolls is my number one favorite song. Dizzy Up the Girl is my favorite CD ever. Room for Squares by John Mayer may be a close 2nd for favorite CD. And, obviously, the Garden State soundtrack. I've tried to keep a list of top 5 favorite songs, cds, etc. but I always am looking to make edits months later. So, it's definitely not a permanent list.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funday

Sometimes, you have a rough week. Today was one of them. Yesterday, I wrote this (and forgot to post it):

I almost fell over into the copy machine while copying this afternoon. I was not tired but exhausted from all the work this week. I think I shut my eyes a little too long and lost track of equilibrium. Then I felt that falling action like when you're sleeping and have the falling dream. Except I was actually leaning over, very slowly, into the copy machine. I then decided I couldn't wait until tomorrow night at 6 pm when I can have a couple of drinks to celebrate the end of graduation certification!

So, definitely needing some drinks tonight. This morning went lightening fast. Not good since it is the last day of this very important certification time for my job. Lots of final decisions to be made on the fate of some students... sometimes I wonder at the amount of responsibility this job entails.

Anyway, weeks like this make for days that feel like you're on the struggle bus. Struggle bus you ask? Just one of those days where you do stupid things and life in general is just challenging and/or taxing. Apparently, it's a term that's been around (see facebook group description: "You're riding the struggle bus. Sometimes we get run over by this bus, or we're chasing it. Its ok. Join your fellow riders."

I heard it from Jason Laipply, self-described motivational speaker, but most importantly, creator of the Evolution of Dance. See below for your Friday Funday video:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm rooting for the polar bear...

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

I appreciate this type of animal/modern issue humor...

If I were in DC next week...

I would want to attend the Green Inaugural Ball. Mostly because I would want to wear a fabulous emerald green dress.

Like maybe the one Kiera Knightly wore in Atonement.

If ONLY I were so fabulous.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm So 'Lost'

What is the reason they are on the island?
Why does that one guy never age?
Polar Bears? Black Smoke? Whispers?
Why does Locke want to "protect" the island. Why does it cause miracles? (Him walking, curing Rose's cancer, Sun conceiving the baby when Jin HAD been sterile.)
And why are they lying? Why can't they tell the world there are still survivors? Why do they go along with Locke's request to lie:
"Lie to them Jack. And if you lie to them half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you." Oooh, Locke, that burns!

There is so much coolness with the show 'Lost'. The philosophers (Locke, Rousseau, Hume), the biggest modern battle: science vs. faith (remind me to tell you about the girl who is studying Atmospheric Science because she wants to discover god's power. Actually, don't remind me). The science vs. faith battle is one of my favorite themes. They use it well in The X-Files (who didn't love Mulder and Scully!?).

Honor of season 5, 5 favorite Lost moments:
5) Discovering how connected everyone was before, years before!

4)Basically ALL of Locke's background. But most notably that he couldn't walk when he boarded the airplane in Australia, but could after the plane crashed.

3)When you realize the these seemingly normal people having book club meetings are "The Others" on the island.

2)Desmond and Penelope talking on the phone. Best. Convo. Ever. Love them.

1) Dude, where's my island. Seriously, how does time traveling make the island disappear? (Yes, I'm making the argument that even IF we COULD time travel, that wouldn't cause the island to disappear. These are the crazy things you just accept in the world of "Lost".

But I think the biggest question about this next season is: WHY DO THEY GO BACK. Because they do. And it totally baffles me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Can Doogie (aka Neil Patrick Harris) become a full time cast member? Much love to him and SNL cast for a great show Saturday.

I cannot embed hulu clips, so here's the link: Broadway Skit

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes!

Little late here... but first, must say, I LOVE awards shows. Well, some of them. And so does Megan - but are they shown in Japan? Don't think so... this is for her! I'm sad I missed the red carpet! And the first hour of the show. But we're just getting to the good stuff.

Gerard Butler shushed the Golden Globes. He is the man. And totally foxy. A totally foxy man's man.

Seth Rogan...lookin' good! He's trimmed down. And has some great glasses!

Best Screenplay. Ben Button or Slumdog! Here's hopin'... But I haven't seen the others. Slumdog is the winner! Who knew a movie based upon a Who Wants to Be A Millionaire would be SO. FREAKIN' GOOD. Based upon a book called Q & A.

Amy Poehler - love her! And Patrick Dempsey... so dreamy! (Cute dynamic, you two!)
30 Rock, The Office! And David Duchovney! Loved him for so long! Glad to see him about and about! Alex wins! Because 30 Rock is so brill.Tina Fey is a genius, glad to see Alec recognize this! And Rumer Willis is a Golden Girl! Love that dress.

Side commercial note: Eva Longoria looks better with long hair. Kate Walsh totally kicks ass in that Cadillac commercial. Totally sexy. Love it. And now want a Cadillac. Also, why can I not remember anyone's name tonight? (I've had to google everyone whose name is not announced.

Renee Z. in the movie "New In Town". Trailer made me fall out of my chair laughing when I saw it. Mostly (well, only) because of an inside joke (with the family no less). I'd go into, but let me just say: "New Ulm, Minnesota". Hilarious.

Kate Winslet! Give her an Oscar! She needs one!
Transformers! Cannot wait for the sequel! Megan Fox has a really bad makeup line.

Things to see: Bernard and Doris. John Adams.

Recount was a good, if not sad, movie. Yay for Wilkenson and Spacey. Yay for Giamatti for winning!

"This was a hell of a job, a hell of a job, this little costume drama we put on" - Paul Giamatti.

Apparently I missed Heath Ledger winning best supporting actor. Who accepted?!

30 Rock should win! Clip from show: "socionomically speaking you are more like an inner-city latina" (Jack to Kenneth). And it does! Biggest LOL:Tracy Morgan accepting on behalf of the show. He is now the spokesperon for the show since Obama won. Love it. (Megan - did you vote?!)

I need to catch up on Weeds!

Looking at other winners I missed. Anna Paquin for True Blood. Interesting. I enjoy the show, but didn't think it was that great. The girl does give a good scream though. Apparently, all the quality drama is no longer on network tv. ACM, TNT, HBO, Showtime, etc.

And Meryl Streep didn't win for best actress in a musical/comedy? Where you at Mamma Mia lovers?
Apparently Kate Winslet winning over Pennelope Cruz (Vicky Christina Barcelona) was an upset? I didn't realize VCB was being taken seriously. Not that I saw it. I just don't take Scarlet Johansson seriously anymore.

Best Original Score HAS to be Slumdog. But again, only one I've seen... GG goes to SLUMDOG! I'm basically behind SDM winning anything.

DD only actor to win in drama and comedy...because he's the BEST!

Best actress in tv comedy: And is America Ferrara engaged?! I love all these nominees so any should win! Tina Fey wins because, once again, 30 Rock is totally brill. Am I repeating myself? Her speech is funny. She talks about feeling that maybe you're too good after the year she's had, but "there's this thing called the internet". And she names some internet user names and tells them to suck it.
Also, gives a shout out to Will Arnet for a joke about owning the action figures of all the Hollywood Foreign Press, group that picks the winners.

Martin Scorcese is getting old. That is a head of WHITE hair. But the same glasses. Now he's yammering on about Steven Speilberg. I'm bored... but he just got weirdly quiet and emotional. Speilburg is... an ARTIST! Now a little video clip of movies by Spielberg. Jaws, ET (which I watched a few weeks ago - still makes me cry)
Midnight of Sun ( I think) which I should see. Christian Bale is in it. Jurassic Park! LOVE IT. Schindler's List ( I should see that again), Saving Private Ryan (love Tom Hangs and Matt Damon), Minority Report was pretty cool (had a dream about Tom Cruise hunting me after that movie), Catch Me If You Can (made my love Cate Blanchett) and of course Indie. Wow, Speilberg's done a crapload of stuff!Also produced: Back to the Future, Roger Rabbit, Men In Black, Twister! Memoirs of A Geisha, Transformers. Now he's getting an award. Probably lifetime achievement (I said I wasn't paying attention at first!)

(Apparently Pierce Brosnan was high when he introduced the Mamma Mia clip? This is according to confidential internet sources - ha.)

SS is still talking. So I'm browsing red carpet photos. Brad Pitt looks like he's in the middle of a midlife crisis.

(Chris Pizzello/AP Photo)

He needs to do whatever he did for Benjamin Button. Him as his 40 year old self was HOT.

Love these two (Matt Sayles/AP Photo):

I can't wait for Last Chance Harvey. But I think Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are Deee-RUNK. But Emma Thompson is freakishly TALL! Announcing Best Director, GG goes to: Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire. This movie IS CLEANING UP!

Sigourney Weaver looks lovely. And she's talking about Revolutionary Road. The reuniting of Rose and Jack! (Kate and Leo). I saw the preview for this movie a couple weeks ago and it looks AWESOME. So pretty. (Matt Sayles/AP Photo)

Sandra Bullock has a great dress. Love her. Winner for Actors in a Comedy. Apparently, In Bruges is a comedy? Whatev...I still loved it. but Colin Farrel wins. And he cannot believe it. He and Brandon Gleeson are buddies - love it. He's so Irish, adorable.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona wins best Comedy? I apparently should see this movie. And whoever announced this made, what the audience believed to be, some questionable jokes about the economy and Madonna losing an assistant (ie Guy Ritchie). Sandra Bullock shook her head in that way like she wanted to laugh but knew she should disapprove of.

Mark Wahlberg is hilarious. Also, just remembering the Wahlberg impersonation, once again on SNL last night. hilarious.
GG for Best actress in comedy: Kate Winslet! Yay! She's screaming is surprise. Maybe she will get her Oscar! She's hilarious and great. She just thanked Anne, Meryl, Kristin and forgot the other - it was Angelina.
Aw, there's so much Kate and Leo love. She's loved Leo for 13 years. God, she's the best. I want to be BFFs with her.

Ooh, Rainn Wilson and Blake Lively just introduced each other as "tv actors". And they didn't know they were supposed to read the nominees. HA, they got out of the mishap well. Best Drama TV show: MadMen. I don't really care. Although, I've heard it's good. But the person accepting just dissed Kate Winslet by saying "the british actresses stole my bit - I was going to cry." At least use her name, she would kick your ass.

Susan Sarandon! Is. So. Cool. Announcing best actor in drama. Mickey Rourke gets it. For what movie? I don't even know. I think it should have gone to LEO! But I'm prejudiced! Oh, The Wrestler. I've never heard of it.

MOTION PICTURE DRAMA...oooooh, the suspense is dra-mat-ic. HA. Slumdog wins it. So exciting! I think the director accepting cussed and was censored. Hilarious.

Slumdog Millionaire basically dominates. That would be my synopsis of the show. Yay for award show season!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

You can't take a picture of this, it's already gone

Have you ever experienced something so haunting, so poignant, so beautiful it made you cry from the sadness and the happiness and also made you so aware of THIS very life you're living all in one burst of emotion? I love good tv and appreciate good characters and shows but I never thought a show could impact me so much. Six Feet Under has been over for 4 years now but I just started watching it 6 months ago. I finally finished the last season with a friend last night and it was absolutely incredible. I thought about yesterday while I should have been working and couldn't stop listening to "Breathe Me" by Sia when I went to bed on Wednesday night.

It was truly exquisite. And I hope to say, years from now, that it had a deep-down impact on my life. Hopefully, more loving, care-free and embracing of life. Because, right now, that is what the show has made me want to appreciate more about this existence.

Here is video of Sia, singing "Breathe Me", the song from the last few minutes of the episode. It definitely made the finale what it was.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

An e-mail I got today: I'm angry too!

Bailey --

I know it's not good practice to fire off emails when we're angry, but right now I need to make an exception.

In case you missed it, a giant wave of more than 1 billion gallons of toxic coal sludge came barreling down on a community in eastern Tennessee from the nearby Kingston Coal plant over the holidays. The disaster is 48 times larger than the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Tens of thousands of people in surrounding counties are now searching for clean drinking water. Yes, here in America.

What really irks me is the fact that this was not a natural disaster. This was a "man-made" disaster tied directly to our reliance on dirty energy, and it's only the tip of the iceberg. More than half of the country lives within 30 miles of a coal plant like the one in Tennessee.

Fortunately, we don't need to watch more Americans spend their holidays digging out of toxic coal sludge. Tell the new Congress that coal is dirty and unnecessary -- we want clean energy now:


The Coal industry spent over $45 million last year trying to convince Americans that the dirtiest fuel on the planet is in fact "clean." This just proves that in reality, there's no such thing as "clean coal."

Despite this tragedy, the coal industry wants to build more pollution-belching coal plants. You can help prevent that from happening. You can help stop the coal rush.

Your Members of Congress have the power to stop dirty coal plants from being built, so tell them that investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency would result in more jobs for the same amount of power -- without the toxic sludge:


Thanks for your quick attention on this, and please forward this message on to your networks far and wide to be sure that Congress gets the wake up call.

Gillian Caldwell
1Sky Campaign Director

PS. To see videos of the devastation in Tennessee and get more information, visit this blog tracking real-time updates as well the United Mountain Defense website.

PPS. The picture above is of a resident living on Swan Pond Circle Road, the residential area closest to the breach site. She's holding a picture of what her back yard used to look like before the Kingston Fossil Plant coal sludge spill. Photo credit: SouthWing

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Do I need to tell you what you ate for breakfast, too?

Some things about working with undergrads (now that I'm not one...)

I'm beginning to question the intelligence of the many, many students with whom I attended KU. Coming straight into my position from being an undergrad (ok, yes there was a 6 month delay...but I labeled that working on my mental health...) there are going to be a lot of students who come through my office who I actually know. I'm sure it will take 3 years or so for everyone I knew as a student to be flushed out. This is me being optimistic. I knew some smart people. Not the kind to take 8 years to graduate. I hope. Kind of weird, yes; but weirder (and more embarassing) are the things that these students (well, not the ones I know) believe about the graduation process at KU. You "graduate" and officially have a degree once you COMPLETE all your classes. You "walk down the hill" in May after you graduate OR whenever the heck you want to. In my case: I WALKED in May 2007 but officially GRADUATED in December 2007. Kind of cheating, whatever, but I wanted the experience.

A short synopsis of walking down the hill at KU: The only official, university-wide graduation ceremony is in May. All the graduates line up in awful black polyester on Memorial Drive and proceed through the Campanile (proceed makes this sound easy. It is not. 4,000 people is a lot to get through a tower...). THEN on the other side of the Campanile is a hill. And NO, not just a lovely hill like the one in your backhard but a BIG hill in which you walked up for (at least) four years earning you "KU Calves". So, we all parade down this hill with friends and family taking pictures, crying, etc and the ceremony is at the bottom in Memorial Stadium. Everyone's name is NOT called (but who needs that - the REAL photo op is coming down the hill) and the Chancellor speaks. So, to a general outsider (aka a non-Jayhawk) this might not sound exciting AT all. Well, it is and it has been done for about 100 years now, so deal with it. We like our nostalgia and tradition at KU!
SO, with 4,000 people (plus 10,000 screaming fans, I mean family members) everyone is screened before they walk down the hill, right? WRONG. Seriously, who has time for that? This is about as organized as 4,000 people can be with a couple of well placed signs and crowd control ropes. So, you can basically walk down the hill however often you want. But I wouldn't for several reasons. 1. Did I mention black polyester? In May? In Kansas? Right...moving on. 2) There's this little thing called IF YOU WALK THROUGH THE CAMPANILE BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY FINISHED, YOU WON'T GRADUATE. Seriously. Maybe a myth, but I would NOT want to mess with something like that. 3) Did I also mention this is freakin' one of the coolest things to do? Ever? On my list of top 5 favorite experiences. You don't want to demean it by doing it more than once. Unless you get another degree, then by all means do it again!

So, back to my point. You may *think* you're graduating. You walk, etc, pomp, etc. family, etc., circumstance, etc. But, did you finish that incomplete class? Did you transfer those juco hours? Did you REALLY need 45 junior/senior hours? Yes, yes you DO need all that to officially be granted a degree.
So, when a student emails asking, did I graduate in May and we respond, "no, because your hours didn't transfer" and then you come back with "but did I walk?" Well, here begins my theory on the intelligence of some people. We do not know if you walked. Did we hold your hand? Did you see us take a picture of you? Geez.

Silly undergrads. I can say that now since I am no longer actually an undergrad.