Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funday

Sometimes, you have a rough week. Today was one of them. Yesterday, I wrote this (and forgot to post it):

I almost fell over into the copy machine while copying this afternoon. I was not tired but exhausted from all the work this week. I think I shut my eyes a little too long and lost track of equilibrium. Then I felt that falling action like when you're sleeping and have the falling dream. Except I was actually leaning over, very slowly, into the copy machine. I then decided I couldn't wait until tomorrow night at 6 pm when I can have a couple of drinks to celebrate the end of graduation certification!

So, definitely needing some drinks tonight. This morning went lightening fast. Not good since it is the last day of this very important certification time for my job. Lots of final decisions to be made on the fate of some students... sometimes I wonder at the amount of responsibility this job entails.

Anyway, weeks like this make for days that feel like you're on the struggle bus. Struggle bus you ask? Just one of those days where you do stupid things and life in general is just challenging and/or taxing. Apparently, it's a term that's been around (see facebook group description: "You're riding the struggle bus. Sometimes we get run over by this bus, or we're chasing it. Its ok. Join your fellow riders."

I heard it from Jason Laipply, self-described motivational speaker, but most importantly, creator of the Evolution of Dance. See below for your Friday Funday video:

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