Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes!

Little late here... but first, must say, I LOVE awards shows. Well, some of them. And so does Megan - but are they shown in Japan? Don't think so... this is for her! I'm sad I missed the red carpet! And the first hour of the show. But we're just getting to the good stuff.

Gerard Butler shushed the Golden Globes. He is the man. And totally foxy. A totally foxy man's man.

Seth Rogan...lookin' good! He's trimmed down. And has some great glasses!

Best Screenplay. Ben Button or Slumdog! Here's hopin'... But I haven't seen the others. Slumdog is the winner! Who knew a movie based upon a Who Wants to Be A Millionaire would be SO. FREAKIN' GOOD. Based upon a book called Q & A.

Amy Poehler - love her! And Patrick Dempsey... so dreamy! (Cute dynamic, you two!)
30 Rock, The Office! And David Duchovney! Loved him for so long! Glad to see him about and about! Alex wins! Because 30 Rock is so brill.Tina Fey is a genius, glad to see Alec recognize this! And Rumer Willis is a Golden Girl! Love that dress.

Side commercial note: Eva Longoria looks better with long hair. Kate Walsh totally kicks ass in that Cadillac commercial. Totally sexy. Love it. And now want a Cadillac. Also, why can I not remember anyone's name tonight? (I've had to google everyone whose name is not announced.

Renee Z. in the movie "New In Town". Trailer made me fall out of my chair laughing when I saw it. Mostly (well, only) because of an inside joke (with the family no less). I'd go into, but let me just say: "New Ulm, Minnesota". Hilarious.

Kate Winslet! Give her an Oscar! She needs one!
Transformers! Cannot wait for the sequel! Megan Fox has a really bad makeup line.

Things to see: Bernard and Doris. John Adams.

Recount was a good, if not sad, movie. Yay for Wilkenson and Spacey. Yay for Giamatti for winning!

"This was a hell of a job, a hell of a job, this little costume drama we put on" - Paul Giamatti.

Apparently I missed Heath Ledger winning best supporting actor. Who accepted?!

30 Rock should win! Clip from show: "socionomically speaking you are more like an inner-city latina" (Jack to Kenneth). And it does! Biggest LOL:Tracy Morgan accepting on behalf of the show. He is now the spokesperon for the show since Obama won. Love it. (Megan - did you vote?!)

I need to catch up on Weeds!

Looking at other winners I missed. Anna Paquin for True Blood. Interesting. I enjoy the show, but didn't think it was that great. The girl does give a good scream though. Apparently, all the quality drama is no longer on network tv. ACM, TNT, HBO, Showtime, etc.

And Meryl Streep didn't win for best actress in a musical/comedy? Where you at Mamma Mia lovers?
Apparently Kate Winslet winning over Pennelope Cruz (Vicky Christina Barcelona) was an upset? I didn't realize VCB was being taken seriously. Not that I saw it. I just don't take Scarlet Johansson seriously anymore.

Best Original Score HAS to be Slumdog. But again, only one I've seen... GG goes to SLUMDOG! I'm basically behind SDM winning anything.

DD only actor to win in drama and comedy...because he's the BEST!

Best actress in tv comedy: And is America Ferrara engaged?! I love all these nominees so any should win! Tina Fey wins because, once again, 30 Rock is totally brill. Am I repeating myself? Her speech is funny. She talks about feeling that maybe you're too good after the year she's had, but "there's this thing called the internet". And she names some internet user names and tells them to suck it.
Also, gives a shout out to Will Arnet for a joke about owning the action figures of all the Hollywood Foreign Press, group that picks the winners.

Martin Scorcese is getting old. That is a head of WHITE hair. But the same glasses. Now he's yammering on about Steven Speilberg. I'm bored... but he just got weirdly quiet and emotional. Speilburg is... an ARTIST! Now a little video clip of movies by Spielberg. Jaws, ET (which I watched a few weeks ago - still makes me cry)
Midnight of Sun ( I think) which I should see. Christian Bale is in it. Jurassic Park! LOVE IT. Schindler's List ( I should see that again), Saving Private Ryan (love Tom Hangs and Matt Damon), Minority Report was pretty cool (had a dream about Tom Cruise hunting me after that movie), Catch Me If You Can (made my love Cate Blanchett) and of course Indie. Wow, Speilberg's done a crapload of stuff!Also produced: Back to the Future, Roger Rabbit, Men In Black, Twister! Memoirs of A Geisha, Transformers. Now he's getting an award. Probably lifetime achievement (I said I wasn't paying attention at first!)

(Apparently Pierce Brosnan was high when he introduced the Mamma Mia clip? This is according to confidential internet sources - ha.)

SS is still talking. So I'm browsing red carpet photos. Brad Pitt looks like he's in the middle of a midlife crisis.

(Chris Pizzello/AP Photo)

He needs to do whatever he did for Benjamin Button. Him as his 40 year old self was HOT.

Love these two (Matt Sayles/AP Photo):

I can't wait for Last Chance Harvey. But I think Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are Deee-RUNK. But Emma Thompson is freakishly TALL! Announcing Best Director, GG goes to: Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire. This movie IS CLEANING UP!

Sigourney Weaver looks lovely. And she's talking about Revolutionary Road. The reuniting of Rose and Jack! (Kate and Leo). I saw the preview for this movie a couple weeks ago and it looks AWESOME. So pretty. (Matt Sayles/AP Photo)

Sandra Bullock has a great dress. Love her. Winner for Actors in a Comedy. Apparently, In Bruges is a comedy? Whatev...I still loved it. but Colin Farrel wins. And he cannot believe it. He and Brandon Gleeson are buddies - love it. He's so Irish, adorable.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona wins best Comedy? I apparently should see this movie. And whoever announced this made, what the audience believed to be, some questionable jokes about the economy and Madonna losing an assistant (ie Guy Ritchie). Sandra Bullock shook her head in that way like she wanted to laugh but knew she should disapprove of.

Mark Wahlberg is hilarious. Also, just remembering the Wahlberg impersonation, once again on SNL last night. hilarious.
GG for Best actress in comedy: Kate Winslet! Yay! She's screaming is surprise. Maybe she will get her Oscar! She's hilarious and great. She just thanked Anne, Meryl, Kristin and forgot the other - it was Angelina.
Aw, there's so much Kate and Leo love. She's loved Leo for 13 years. God, she's the best. I want to be BFFs with her.

Ooh, Rainn Wilson and Blake Lively just introduced each other as "tv actors". And they didn't know they were supposed to read the nominees. HA, they got out of the mishap well. Best Drama TV show: MadMen. I don't really care. Although, I've heard it's good. But the person accepting just dissed Kate Winslet by saying "the british actresses stole my bit - I was going to cry." At least use her name, she would kick your ass.

Susan Sarandon! Is. So. Cool. Announcing best actor in drama. Mickey Rourke gets it. For what movie? I don't even know. I think it should have gone to LEO! But I'm prejudiced! Oh, The Wrestler. I've never heard of it.

MOTION PICTURE DRAMA...oooooh, the suspense is dra-mat-ic. HA. Slumdog wins it. So exciting! I think the director accepting cussed and was censored. Hilarious.

Slumdog Millionaire basically dominates. That would be my synopsis of the show. Yay for award show season!

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