Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm So 'Lost'

What is the reason they are on the island?
Why does that one guy never age?
Polar Bears? Black Smoke? Whispers?
Why does Locke want to "protect" the island. Why does it cause miracles? (Him walking, curing Rose's cancer, Sun conceiving the baby when Jin HAD been sterile.)
And why are they lying? Why can't they tell the world there are still survivors? Why do they go along with Locke's request to lie:
"Lie to them Jack. And if you lie to them half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you." Oooh, Locke, that burns!

There is so much coolness with the show 'Lost'. The philosophers (Locke, Rousseau, Hume), the biggest modern battle: science vs. faith (remind me to tell you about the girl who is studying Atmospheric Science because she wants to discover god's power. Actually, don't remind me). The science vs. faith battle is one of my favorite themes. They use it well in The X-Files (who didn't love Mulder and Scully!?).

Honor of season 5, 5 favorite Lost moments:
5) Discovering how connected everyone was before, years before!

4)Basically ALL of Locke's background. But most notably that he couldn't walk when he boarded the airplane in Australia, but could after the plane crashed.

3)When you realize the these seemingly normal people having book club meetings are "The Others" on the island.

2)Desmond and Penelope talking on the phone. Best. Convo. Ever. Love them.

1) Dude, where's my island. Seriously, how does time traveling make the island disappear? (Yes, I'm making the argument that even IF we COULD time travel, that wouldn't cause the island to disappear. These are the crazy things you just accept in the world of "Lost".

But I think the biggest question about this next season is: WHY DO THEY GO BACK. Because they do. And it totally baffles me.

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