Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why, helllllloooooo 44

I wonder how long it will be until we don't love absolutely EVERYTHING they do. I hope it lasts awhile. Because it's kind of a nice feeling to be ABSOLUTELY. IN. LOVE. with the president and the first family.

The giggly sensation of watching President Obama (I love saying that!) and the lovely first lady having their first dance at the first inauguration ball (or prom? or their wedding?) is like crushing on that cute senior boy in high school. Who also happens to be really smart and likable.

Also awesome: "Now I'd like to dance with the one who brought me. She does everything I do but backwards and in heels. My wife, Michelle Obama." He's charming AND funny!

Fact: KU Med Center lost access to their online patient records today because SO MANY PEOPLE WERE WATCHING THE INAUGURATION ONLINE.

Fact: People generally accept President Obama as the 44th president (he self-referred himself as such in his speech) but now people are arguing this is wrong because Grover Cleveland served 2 terms non-consecutively and is counted twice. So, really 43 people have now served as president but President Obama is 44, President Bush 43, President Clinton 42, etc. Stop nitpicking and enjoy the hope-y feeling people! Don't be hatin'!

Best KU b-ball fan sign from last night read: 2008 National Champions, KU Basketball and Barack Obama (included pictures). Other side: Barack Chalk Jayhawk. I love the play on words.

Also, my friend Briana got to be AT the inauguration. Like ON the mall. Check out her twitter!

She was here:

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  1. "She does everything I do but backwards and in heels" You are right..that is awesome! :) Yesterday was so exciting!