Thursday, January 08, 2009

You can't take a picture of this, it's already gone

Have you ever experienced something so haunting, so poignant, so beautiful it made you cry from the sadness and the happiness and also made you so aware of THIS very life you're living all in one burst of emotion? I love good tv and appreciate good characters and shows but I never thought a show could impact me so much. Six Feet Under has been over for 4 years now but I just started watching it 6 months ago. I finally finished the last season with a friend last night and it was absolutely incredible. I thought about yesterday while I should have been working and couldn't stop listening to "Breathe Me" by Sia when I went to bed on Wednesday night.

It was truly exquisite. And I hope to say, years from now, that it had a deep-down impact on my life. Hopefully, more loving, care-free and embracing of life. Because, right now, that is what the show has made me want to appreciate more about this existence.

Here is video of Sia, singing "Breathe Me", the song from the last few minutes of the episode. It definitely made the finale what it was.

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