Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feelin' kind of preppy

Maybe it's my anticipation of spring or maybe the blogs I've been reading have a slightly preppy feel to them, but I've definitely been putting together some slightly preppier outfits lately. Pearls and pink tend to make that happen. So, I'm REALLY excited about this giveaway from Preppy Princess. I'm moving offices soon and I think I could use some fun things to spruce it up a bit. I'm eyeing that mousepad in envy, especially after spotting my ugly black one out of the corner of my eye. Yay for giveaways!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just a teeny splurge

So, I got paid today. And even though I have many bills to pay, I'm anticipating my tax refund soon, so I splurged. Just a bit, just a teeny bit. It wasn't even a BIG splurge, I went to TJ Maxx! I had been reading about great J.Crew products at TJ Maxx and decided it had been far too long since I had gone on a real bargain hunt.
AND I found a couple of great things! I found these Vera Bradley note cards which are pretty fun. I also bought a super cute pair of loafers/moccasins by Me Too. I CANNOT for the life of me find them online but they're kind of a rich honey brown suede with two gold loops as a type of buckle. I'm kind of in love with them right now and am super excited about my solid investment. Even if they WERE purchased at TJ Maxx.

Happy Friday all!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quit your whinnin'

Ok, this is going to be some what related to this funny haha post about an SNL skit. But this is going to be serious because it's making me mad!

We had eight years of Republicans doing whatever the heck they wanted with their majority and control in the executive and legislative branch of the U.S. government. And you know what? They didn't do a very good job, either. So now, when A LOT needs to be done to fix the mess they made, they're complaining and holding things up because the democrats aren't being bipartisan? Didn't it take about FOUR WHOLE WEEKS to get this stimulus package passed because of concessions that were made for MORE republican support? How frustrating!

Friday, February 13, 2009


...you just have a gloomy day that affects everything you do. Today, it was raining, sleeting and just plain gloomy. It does not matter that everything right now is going pretty dang well and I don't have a lot to complain about. I could if I tried, but it's better for your general health and sanity to think about what you have, not what you don't have. So, I'm thankful for the opportunities I've had, my job (I really cannot say this enough) and the people in my life.

But today, it was like coming down from a high and facing reality. Yesterday was slightly overwhelming and when I got to work today, I wanted nothing more than to get back on the bus, head home and get in bed. If the general mood of today was bad, it was nothing compared to leaving work (finally) and facing a cold front that whipped my hair into unavoidable knots in less than a minute. Yes, today was a real winner. Standing in the progressively colder air, the stark trees bare against the darkening gray sky, it seemed the grayest day I had felt in awhile. Not only was the day dull and dreary, but I was exhausted from the week; and, when revelations occur suddenly as they tend to do, overly aware of the complexities of life. Nothing is ever one way only. Situations can never be understood from one view. Life is funny, life is strange and life is bittersweet. And today, things leaned to the bitter side of things. Songs I normally heard as sweet and fun became sad and more complicated. Specifically, 'Wedding Day' by Rosie Thomas and 'Hey There, Delilah' by Plain White T's and 'I Need You' by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (this one specifically not a particular "upper" for a single someone the day before Valentine's Day!). Before 'Wedding Day' was a particular freeing type of wedding day. A wedding for the relationship you have with yourself, when you're independent and living the life you want. 'Hey There, Delilah' always had a particular sweet innocence to it; the ideal you had about life in high school. 'I Need You' was so earnest and boiled love down to a very basic instinct. But today, they just seemed sad and lonely. False and hopeless.

Sometimes, it's just one of those days.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm so sensitive.

Sometimes you have those days where A LOT happens. Today wasn't supposed to be a particularly busy day outside of the usual Thursday meetings but most of the time, life does not go the way you would expect. And it is when those things happen that you learn a little bit more about yourself. So, without going into much detail about what happened, I'll outline the new things I learned about myself today.

1. I am very good at being able to pick up moods and attitudes of those around me. If someone is uncomfortable or mad or annoyed, I can sense this. This is helpful if you want to ask for something and don't want to ask at the wrong time. Or sometimes, people just don't have the patience for what you need to talk to them about. Today, I just kind of new something was coming and it was NOT fun.

2. Along the same lines, my day of meetings has always made me a little crazy by the end of the day. First it was the caffeine, then just general loopyness (yes, it is a word). Today, I deduced what was causing my swing in emotions on the day before the best day of the work week. Like I said, I'm sensitive, but I also have a reflective personality. I pick up on what others are feeling and how they are acting and incorporate it into how I am feeling and acting. So, after hours of meetings on Thursdays with lots of people, discussing lots of problems and challenges, I have a lot of attitudes and feelings to reflect. Thus, I am all wound up about the day. This is also why my closest friends, and those I get along with well, are usually friendly, outgoing and talkative people.

So, that's what I learned about myself today. Here's to tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things about the economy, etc

What? You don't want to be a "dancer".?
Ok, maybe our economy is sucking, but we solved this problem.

Also, this is troubling to hear when you work for a state university. Just so the karma gods know, I really like my job and am very grateful for it. *amen*

Somewhat related (?) check out this ridiculous Gawker entry
about the creation of Pepsi's new logo. It is so elaborate it is either totally brilliant or the biggest load of crap ever. Either way, very imaginative (or something). And Pepsi does have a cool new branding theme. As always, cool and young, but this year it also includes a little bit of that Obama-Hope.

Pepsi, along with alcohol, makeup, fast food joints and desperate car companies will be the only advertising you see besides primetime infomercials. Oh, the horror.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sometimes SNL hits it

My favorite:

Nancy: I will admit some disappointment in Harry and his colleagues to cut $50 billion for schools, because I thought we cared about education.
Reed: Nancy, maybe if you hadn't put in 200 million for condoms we wouldn't have been in such a tough position.
Pelosi: Can I say something about condoms?
Reed: You probably shouldn't.
Pelosi: Now I know it's a blast to poke fun of san fran Nancy for her ideas about sex ed but maybe if we spent money on condoms and education, the next generation won't have so many stupid people ruining our economy. But no, by all means, I'm the villain. The hero is the woman with six kids who had octuplets. Let's get her on Oprah.

Obviously, SNL is usually extreme satire but sometimes I cannot help but totally agree with them. This clip is one of them.
A few things, yes 200 million is an excessive amount for condoms (I don't know what the true amount was) and Armisen and Wig's caricatures of Reed and definitely Pelosi were extreme. BUT a few good points were made. Democrats are doing what they can to make this a truly bipartisan bill. But the Republicans are being a little whinny. THEY apparently forgot about the 8 years of Bush veto and their own 6 years of partisan decision-making.

I just hope something gets done soon. The whole country is figuratively at a stand still waiting for congress to do something. And hopefully, psychologically, the country is able to get going again after the bill's passage.

Oh, and this was pretty awesome too:

Monday, February 02, 2009

We live in Kansas; you don't think we haven't heard that before?

The University of Kansas has a pretty good men's basketball team. Ok, who am I kidding?! It's pretty legendary. Right now I'm watching them play at Baylor. We won the championship last year (OMG SO EXCITING!) and lost all 5 starters. So, kind of a rebuilding year but still only 4 losses. So, we're playing Baylor (a much closer game than it should be) but still exciting! And have lived in Kansas for 5 1/2 years now, you kind of expect the Wizard of Oz jokes every so often. But as far as fan signs go (when the team is playing away games) this is NOT creative:

You're not in Kansas anymore!

This usually happens when we play anyone in the Big XII besides Kansas State University. The other 10 teams are super, duper creative, right?


But anyway, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU!!! Enjoy this:

The victory, the glory, the power, the legends, the titles, The Tradition. This video gives me chills just watching it at home. I got to see it for the first time before the game I went to on Saturday. On Saturday, I had goosebumps and shed tears. Kansas Basketball is amazing.