Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm so sensitive.

Sometimes you have those days where A LOT happens. Today wasn't supposed to be a particularly busy day outside of the usual Thursday meetings but most of the time, life does not go the way you would expect. And it is when those things happen that you learn a little bit more about yourself. So, without going into much detail about what happened, I'll outline the new things I learned about myself today.

1. I am very good at being able to pick up moods and attitudes of those around me. If someone is uncomfortable or mad or annoyed, I can sense this. This is helpful if you want to ask for something and don't want to ask at the wrong time. Or sometimes, people just don't have the patience for what you need to talk to them about. Today, I just kind of new something was coming and it was NOT fun.

2. Along the same lines, my day of meetings has always made me a little crazy by the end of the day. First it was the caffeine, then just general loopyness (yes, it is a word). Today, I deduced what was causing my swing in emotions on the day before the best day of the work week. Like I said, I'm sensitive, but I also have a reflective personality. I pick up on what others are feeling and how they are acting and incorporate it into how I am feeling and acting. So, after hours of meetings on Thursdays with lots of people, discussing lots of problems and challenges, I have a lot of attitudes and feelings to reflect. Thus, I am all wound up about the day. This is also why my closest friends, and those I get along with well, are usually friendly, outgoing and talkative people.

So, that's what I learned about myself today. Here's to tomorrow!

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