Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sometimes SNL hits it

My favorite:

Nancy: I will admit some disappointment in Harry and his colleagues to cut $50 billion for schools, because I thought we cared about education.
Reed: Nancy, maybe if you hadn't put in 200 million for condoms we wouldn't have been in such a tough position.
Pelosi: Can I say something about condoms?
Reed: You probably shouldn't.
Pelosi: Now I know it's a blast to poke fun of san fran Nancy for her ideas about sex ed but maybe if we spent money on condoms and education, the next generation won't have so many stupid people ruining our economy. But no, by all means, I'm the villain. The hero is the woman with six kids who had octuplets. Let's get her on Oprah.

Obviously, SNL is usually extreme satire but sometimes I cannot help but totally agree with them. This clip is one of them.
A few things, yes 200 million is an excessive amount for condoms (I don't know what the true amount was) and Armisen and Wig's caricatures of Reed and definitely Pelosi were extreme. BUT a few good points were made. Democrats are doing what they can to make this a truly bipartisan bill. But the Republicans are being a little whinny. THEY apparently forgot about the 8 years of Bush veto and their own 6 years of partisan decision-making.

I just hope something gets done soon. The whole country is figuratively at a stand still waiting for congress to do something. And hopefully, psychologically, the country is able to get going again after the bill's passage.

Oh, and this was pretty awesome too:

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