Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't believe what you read today..

Happy April Fool's Day! Be on the lookout for google and other fun websites to pull some pretty fun pranks!

Here are its pranks since 2000. The one I fell for? The free printing services it would offer (including free delivery!) Yes, I felt dumb. And last year, Google owned You-Tube jumped into some of the fun with some rick-rolling.

I definitely appreciate Google's good-natured humor. As long as I'm in on the joke!


  1. I already fell for it this morning. I was baffled by google's automatic response email system until i realized it was April 1st.

  2. What prank did google pull? I missed it! :)

  3. By the end of the day: Upside down youtube videos, gmail autopilot and a few others.