Sunday, May 31, 2009

Differing Views

Not a happy post, but read this first: Tiller Shot to death at Wichita church

A rather controversial Wichita, Kansas doctor, George Tiller, was shot to death this morning. He was most likely targeted because of his abortion practices that have been a source of news in the past years.

I cannot identify with either side of the pro-life/pro-choice debate. Personally, I could never go through with an abortion but I know that's MY belief and my choice. But I also know there are exceptions I completely understand.

I live in a liberal college town in one of the most conservative states in the country. Suffice to say, I know a lot of interesting people with varied backgrounds and beliefs. I have a good friend whose number one political issue is abortion. He votes based on someone's abortion views. This is so bothersome to me because of all the issues to be your number one priority - this is one that will least affect him, no matter WHAT the law is. If my friend believes in his heart of hearts that abortion is wrong, then he does not need to choose to do that. So, why does he believe his belief should be the belief of everyone else?

There are a lot of words on comment boards and twitter right now about this: martyr, pro-life, pro-choice, targeted, assassinated, activists, advocates, anti-abortion, liberals, wingnuts, extremists. No matter what you want to call the incident or the argument or the people involved, this will likely stir the abortion debate pot; and this debate, no matter how much it is discussed, will NEVER be resolved with a compromise. The only thing we can hope for is an agreement to disagree and to understand that as much as you 100% believe in something, someone else can believe 100% in the very opposite.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

In time, the younger generations will be in charge

My 9 year old explaining to a table full of adults why gays should be able to marry: "Love. That's why."

-A most insightful and hopeful comment found via twitter. I retweeted, obviously.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enjoying life more everyday

Growing up, I felt like the responsible one in my family. I rebelled against my mom and dad by being an ANGEL of a child. Not that they were horrible, but I don't do a lot of things now because of the example they set (or really, didn't set). Seems ridiculous, but I was kind of an uptight kid. I felt an enormous amount of pressure, most of it, I think, came from myself. I did not want to be working in a bar when I got married and started a family, so I was very focused in doing well in school and doing "resume-building" activities. Then I went to college and did the same thing in hopes of being as prepared as possible for the post-college job-search. And I had fun, in college but I also had to work incredibly hard to pay for all my housing, etc. I had very little assistance from my parents and I struggled several years to realize that I ONLY needed to be responsible for myself and what I did. I felt that I could argue with my family until they changed. That, I found out, does not really work. So now, while I'm still feeling the effects of putting myself through school (loans, credit card bills, more loans), I have definitely chilled a bit more in my "adult" life. (The fact that I should even consider myself an adult blows my mind.) I have been able to accept a lot more of the parts about my family (and some friends) that I used to not be able to handle or let go. I better appreciate my mom and my aunt's care free and loving attitudes. I love how much my grandma is absolutely devoted to all her children and grandchildren (despite their flaws).

So, despite all of the hard work and, admittedly, disappointments with not having it easy, I feel more content then I have my whole "responsible person" life. I'm not perfect and I don't have everything I want, but that's what the point of life is; enjoying what and who you have in your life but always working to improve it and make it more fulfilling. So, despite my full-time job and all my loans, I also have time to write, to read and do what I enjoy. And I'm kind of loving that right now.

Photo from here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Right Way and The Wrong Way to go about finding new roommates

It's been almost 6 years since I first moved to Kansas for school. Since then, I have had SEVEN addresses and I am preparing to move again. The order: residence hall freshman year, sophomore apartment, junior apartment, senior apartment, random loft for 8 months, random apartment with weird roommate for 5 months and finally my awesome townhome I'm in now. I'd like to not leave, but sometimes life doesn't give you a choice. So, I'm looking at similar townhomes on the same street.

I have been a stalker for several months now, making sure I've viewed everything with ANY potential promise. Places to live, non-creepy roommates to become new best friends with. But what this has given me is a feeling that most people don't know how to go about being successful in life. Sounds harsh, but hear me out!

If you don't know how to fully explain yourself, your house/apartment OR your situation in a paragraph or two, you must not do well at life. Here is an example:

Need place to stay for June : Needing place to stay for the month of June. 19 year old male. Very Clean.

Way to say the same thing twice yet only use 25 words. That's a skill. But seriously, that's all you can come up? No specifics?

So, if you decide to put information up on craigslist, more details, please!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I just need to stop thinking about it!

I worry, a lot. And I say stupid/embarrassing things. Which leads me to CONSTANTLY WORRY about the stupid/embarrassing things I've said. I try to rationalize that everyone has those feelings of doubt about how they reacted to a situation. Everyone says silly or stupid things. But I still feel like a fool reliving these things OVER and OVER again. And if I think of one, I think of many more. This is happening at work rather often now. I know that not everything I say or do is remembered by everyone who is in the room at the time. I am absolutely NOT the center of this world. But I still cannot help it.

I maybe need therapy. Or just a good kick in the butt. How does everyone else deal with minor humiliation on an (almost) daily basis?

Embarrassed squirrel picture from here.

Quesitonable naming practicse... on the RUNZ

Why would you name things (especially related to food) that when said aloud do NOT make you want to use or to eat.


1. Runza. RUNS-a. A fastfood chain in the midwest. I will not eat there on principle. (Not Spangles-worst ads in the world principle.) Not eat there because it SOUNDS gross principle.

2. Cuisinart. Kitchen appliances. Never thought about it until I heard it on a commercial. Sounds like queasy. Making food with something that sounds like queasy? No thanks!!! (Ok, I was just at a wedding shower and *know* these are actually quality kitchen appliances. Maybe they should just tweak the way it's said...)

Anything else that you've ever heard and thought: "really? that's the best you could come up with?!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Desiner X, we're just not buying it

The "You're Fired" statement of "The Fashion Show" is: "We're just not buying it". Practically rolled on the floor laughing after I heard it. Perfect in its amount of cheesy. How hilarious is that? Just watching my second episode and, as much as I don't want to, I keep comparing it to Project Runway.

The cons: NO Tim Gunn (who is the BEST). Isaac Mizrahi's hair. Seriously? The "guest judges" are not as cool. Tinsley Mortimer? I've heard the name, but I don't care. Kelly Rowland is obviously just reciting her lines, not delivering them. And frankly, it's just not as entertaining. Maybe we just need more time to adjust to the lack of Tim Gunn!

The pros: Isaac Mizrahi will cut a bitch. Good times. The designs are just as diverse. The challenges are more creative and tests the designers limits more fully. AND they have to work in teams (so far!)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

100 shows and death and hope

Via Twitter and the student newspaper at the university I work for, the only thing everyone is thinking about is the upcoming ceremonies to celebrate commencement. Oh, I guess I'm thinking about it, too since "graduation" is in my title as an academic advisor. Getting to give the okay to hundreds of students to graduate is a funny thing. The undergrads drive me crazy and ask stupid question but I understand their excitement and anticipation and what it means. And, ultimately, I feel bad (for most) when they've done something to jeopardize their graduation.

Recently, there have been a string of deaths that have occurred on our campus. Alcohol poisoning, a tragic fall from a building (alcohol-related) and speculated drug overdose. Although I was not able to read it, today, the chancellor sent an e-mail to all students asking them to be safe in their decisions this evening. Tomorrow is Stop Day (no classes before finals) and tonight, students celebrate its eve by partying hard. Really hard. I was once one of those students. I never did the amount of drinking that some students did several times a week, but I'm sure there were questionable decisions made during my 4 1/2 years of as a student. Still, I'm worried about the sirens I just heard. And I hope there won't be any bad news on tomorrow.

Tonight, I watched the 100th episode of Grey's Anatomy. The ER handled the victims of a car crash: 8 college students on their way to graduation. The only girl that survived the crash of those students was the valedictorian. She recited her speech as she prepared to go into surgery. She spoke of "beginning her life" as the montage showed her 7 friends being zipped up into body bags; their lives, effectively, over. I think that's the thing about being a kid and going to college. To truly become an adult, you must realize that at some point, your life has already started. At some point, the decisions that were once your parents', become your own. It's a startling feeling to realize you're on your own for real. It's one thing to say it and think you accept your responsibilities. And entire other to feel it, know it and realize what you do each day is defining who you are as person.

So, why are these students making decisions and choosing actions that put their lives at risk? Why do something so pointless that may take away your chance at living a full life? There must be a way to get through to these students. But how do you tell them their life is at risk when they don't think their lives have even started?

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"You don't recognize the biggest day of your life until you're right in the middle of it. The days you meet your soul mate. The days you realize there's not enough time because you want to live forever. The perfect days." -Grey's Anatomy

"Happiness is about connecting with people. Optimism is contagious."

"Everyone's so happy. This could last longer than just today." -Michael J. Fox on inauguration day.