Saturday, August 29, 2009


Meeting new people is always interesting. Sometimes you spend time with new people and you think "wow, they are awesome". Or you move in with someone you've never met before and it turns out (one month in) to fit really well. Or you date someone you've known for a few months and are surprised, when the time is right, how attracted you are to them when you'd never even thought about kissing them before.

Then there's online dating and dating in general. You are contacting someone and spending time with someone in the hopes of (eventual) love or sex or marriage. Going in with expectations is tricky. You expect (or hope) it to go a certain way and it probably won't.

And then you get aggravated and post a Facebook status like this:

The gap between expectations and reality is unfortunately large. This, boys and girls, is called disappointment.

(Sarcasm, bitterness and surprising insight, all rolled into one.)

Just another thing to approach in life with an open mind. Who knows where it'll lead you?

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