Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got your swag!

Has everyone heard of Swagbucks? You can earn bucks for searches you do when you're logged into your account (I usually earn a buck after every 3 or 4 searches). After you earn so many points, you earn prizes. Right now, I have 42 swagbucks (from probably a month of moderate use). I could get a $25 e-gift card from restaurants.com or save up for Season 5 of House (60 swagbucks). You can make your default search in Chrome or Firefox Swagbucks so you don't even have to think about where to go to earn the swag ;)

to sign up:


  1. I'm guessing that this is only open to Americans right?

  2. That is a good question - I do not know :/ I'd hope it'd be open to anyone!