Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Favorite Things (about this weekend)

Reciting Anchorman quotes over breakfast with my roommate and friend, Becca.

Making chicken parmesan with my roommate (she's so good at it!) complete with a fancy salad. And we had all the ingredients in our house already! Progress!

Making banana bread late, late on a Sunday night. (yum!)

Eating junk food with my friend Becca while we drool over hot curlers. And by hot curlers, I mean attractive men who curl. Like, you know, the Olympic Sport?

Listening to my roommate talk to her mom in Korean.

Things I don't like:
having to go into the office to catch up on work
KU losing a basketball game :(
co-workers leaving


  1. My favorite things (about this weekend): Hanging out with Bailey and watching funny zombie movies. :-)

  2. I realized after I posted I forgot to include Zombieland!
    SO hilarious!