Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do we really need another fitness/health/work out blog?

I don't know.  But I'm thinking about making another one anyway.

I'm going to cancel/suspend my gym membership this week. Sometimes, I'm really good about going. Sometimes, I'm not. I know I need to work out. It makes me feel better. But in an effort to save money ( I think we all know that's a whole other story) I'm thinking about making the commitment to work out using free resources. Sidewalks. My local tennis court. The exercise ball I just got from my grandma (I don't even think she ever used it and definitely not sure why she had it...). If nothing else, if I blog about it, tell people about it, maybe I'll even actually keep up and make physical activity a better habit of mine. The thing is, it's October (and just eight days until November). It's about to get cold. The outdoors won't be the best option for awhile. But, if forced to choose, I'd rather be outside when it's freezing than when it's 100 plus degrees out. So, I'll just have to be creative. And to Caroline and Jeff: NO, I WON'T start running!

Does that sound even remotely interesting? I'd like to think so. It would probably even detail my thoughts and struggles to eat all-natural/organic food.

Gawd, another one of THOSE blogs?

Yeah, I think so.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Humble Midwest

There's a reason those of us who live in the Midwest United States do. It is not for the ocean front property. It's not for quick mountain getaway. We do have our own landscape but I think it is only truly appreciated by those who have lived here.

Those on the coasts, perhaps, have no idea why we'd want to live here.

Our answers? There could be several: the people are nicer, the cost of living is lower, it's a better place to raise the kids.

My answer? The people are humble.


: not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive
: reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission humble apology>
a : ranking low in a hierarchy or scale : insignificant, unpretentious b : not costly or luxurious humble contraption>
Now, I don't agree with insignificant but unpretentious and not arrogant, sure. And clearly, this is a generalization. There are complete jerks who live in the Midwest but I'd like to think they don't get that far here. (Naive thought, sure. But I like thinking positively.)
The last semester in college, I attended a recruitment event. It was not an interview, but I sat down with the recruiter from this company in Chicago and what he hold me has stuck. He goes to schools in the Midwest and he goes to school east of Chicago - in Indiana and farther East. What he observed, was that students at Midwest schools (specifically, KU with ots rockin' J-School) don't sell themselves enough. They are too humble. The students don't brag enough about themselves to the  recruiters. Especially, when compared to the students from IU, Notre Dame and others to the East. 


Is the Midwest as a whole suffering in securing jobs when in competition with those from other parts of the country and even possibly, the world? I can't answer that. But it's certainly something to think about while job hunting and preparing for interviews.  

It's a dark and stormy night...

and I'm hanging out with my boyfriend and my laptop.

Cover letters, job applications, research, music, twitter.

It's not an exciting night out but it is nice to just hang out and take care of some things without having to worry about going to work tomorrow.

Wrestling with the fact that I'm applying for jobs and I will probably be leaving my job soon (if I actually get hired). I like my job. I like the people I work with. They're just not paying me what they should. And if I can't pay my bills, I'm completely stressed. And that's not healthy.

I guess these are the choices are the hardest in life.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grandpa Jack

My Grandpa Jack died on Tuesday night.

I wish he had visited me in Lawrence. Mostly, because I wished you all could have met him. I feel that everyone should have known him. A jokester with a wonderful and caring soul. He always seemed tall to me but he also always seemed larger than life.

A memorial service won't be held until next weekend. So I'll stay here since I'm busy at work and won't  be able to do much in Iowa with my family anyway. I say that and it seems harsh. Maybe I should go back sooner? I just don't know.

One thing I've learned about me over the past 36 hours is my ability to cope. I pulled it together and worked yesterday afternoon. I worked today. I thought about my grandpa but felt nothing. But now, unwinding at the end of a busy day, by myself in my house, the emotions are coming back. I guess that's the way I'm going to deal with it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

on the subject of registries...

Bed Bath and Beyond get points for free wedding gift wrapping.

Target gets points for having the aisle listed with every item on the registry.

Both need to get it together and incorporate what the other one does for pure wedding registry dominance.

Tales of a professional bridesmaid and wedding-goer. Can anyone offer me a book deal?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here's an idea

Taking action over an injustice is MUCH more satisfying then complaining about it.

Maybe because I'm the sort of person who keeps adding to my list of things to do when life gets rough. But maybe because when you try to change something, it's much more likely you'll have an impact.

And no one likes a cry-baby.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

easy, right?

I think the goal in life is to do what you want to do every single day and figure out how to make money doing that.

If only that were as easy as typing this sentence.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Home and Perspective

"I looked at the canopy above us, and suddenly saw what he saw. My perspective completely shifted. I realized I didn't have his "eyes' -- though once he pointed it out, it became obvious. It made me think, "My God, I never look enough," and in the years since, I've tried very hard to look --and look again.""

The cable has been gone for less than 48 hours and I am already reading more. Above, is an excerpt from Julie Andrew's autobiography, "Home". I'm not a person who considered biographies often, but my grandma suggested I borrow it from her (and I often take what books my grandma thinks I should read). And while the reading has been slow going (before yesterday I don't think I had picked up the book in more than 3 weeks) I've really enjoyed it. If you think about her now, who doesn't absolutely adore Julie Andrews? Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and the list goes on and on. 

I always thought I was one who saw things relatively well. I have always noticed the flowers along the road and the changing colors of the leaves but I think there are additional details, additional perspectives you see with different people, different experiences. And I'm glad I can still meet new people and learn new things from them. 

It's also interesting how your perspective of yourself changes. I think it's harder to view yourself objectively, too many internal feelings screwing up the brain process. This can be especially true as your growing and trying to figure out who you are as a person. For Julie Andrews, she could have never known the success she would have in entertainment; at the age of 17, she also didn't know she was talented enough to have a long-lasting career:

"In spite of the success of Cinderella, I still didn't feel that I would have an ongoing career. I could perform in radio, vaudeville, and pantomime -- but I felt that with Cinderella, my career had peaked."

So, what aren't you seeing? In yourself or in your surroundings?

Friday, October 08, 2010

How'd THAT get there?

As I left work today, I had to make sure I had the orange pen.

Orange? you ask. Why orange? Well, sometimes a horrific proof-reading job needs bright colors. And because I like to be consistent (makes me more in control, yes?!) I had to bring the orange pen home because I'm working from home this weekend.

But where in the world was the CAP to the orange pen? Not on the desk anywhere, not on the floor. Well, I had no idea so I grabbed the cap to the black pen. Because, black pens are boring anyway.

So, I'm home now, writing a blog post (not this one, one that I'll post tomorrow). Thinking about a nap to prepare for my big evening (big evening hanging out with the boyfriend's friends and their kids! So I'd rather not be sleepy!)

I adjust my bra and realize there's something in there. It's the damn cap for the orange pen!

-see post title-

Yeah, I have no idea.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

cable and books and words

Returned my cable box today. No more cable. The DVR was nice but the most important shows I watch (House, Glee, Dexter) I can watch online or via Netflix DVDs (thanks Phil!)

So, no more defaulting to turning on the tv when I want to DO something. I'll read a book (haven't done THAT in weeks!) or write. Or take a walk.

Good-bye sixty-some dollar cable bill-I won't miss you a bit!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Bridesmaids and Bangs

I'm using this picture to tell the story of my weekend. Literblog genius, right?

Have I mentioned that my (not real) goal in life is to become Katherine Heigl's character from 27 Dresses? Okay, that's a lie. But I'm making a good run at it. I kicked off my "you're an adult now and all your friends are getting married" time in my life last year. 4 weddings in 2009, 2 of which I was a bridesmaid. 3 weddings in 2010, 2 of which I was a bridesmaid. And I've still got a good handful of unmarried friends. I may soon have a closet dedicated to all my bridesmaids dresses!

So, this weekend, my friend/co-worker Denise got married in Lawrence. A LOVELY fall wedding. Fortunately, Denise had enough insight to let her bridesmaids (with the short dresses) wear a shrug of sorts over the dress. It was perfect (see above).

It had been MONTHS (actually, since the last wedding I was in ) since I had a hair-cut. I NEEDED a haircut. So, I gambled and made an appointment to have my hair cut at the cosmetology school in town for the morning of the wedding. I had been thinking about getting bangs. But do I risk it at the cosmetology school mere HOURS before I need to take pictures for the wedding? (These pictures last forever - you need to look good in them!)

I took a risk and got the bangs (again, see above. But know that I was being silly in that picture and they don't hang in my face like that). I love them. And my boyfriend likes my bangs. Not that he has to, because it's MY hair... but it's cute that he does.

And now I'm going to stop talking about the bangs. Because, you know, it's just hair.

Unrelated: I'm planning a pumpkin-carving, cider-drinking, apple-picking Fall Frenzy. SO excited! Love fall.