Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do we really need another fitness/health/work out blog?

I don't know.  But I'm thinking about making another one anyway.

I'm going to cancel/suspend my gym membership this week. Sometimes, I'm really good about going. Sometimes, I'm not. I know I need to work out. It makes me feel better. But in an effort to save money ( I think we all know that's a whole other story) I'm thinking about making the commitment to work out using free resources. Sidewalks. My local tennis court. The exercise ball I just got from my grandma (I don't even think she ever used it and definitely not sure why she had it...). If nothing else, if I blog about it, tell people about it, maybe I'll even actually keep up and make physical activity a better habit of mine. The thing is, it's October (and just eight days until November). It's about to get cold. The outdoors won't be the best option for awhile. But, if forced to choose, I'd rather be outside when it's freezing than when it's 100 plus degrees out. So, I'll just have to be creative. And to Caroline and Jeff: NO, I WON'T start running!

Does that sound even remotely interesting? I'd like to think so. It would probably even detail my thoughts and struggles to eat all-natural/organic food.

Gawd, another one of THOSE blogs?

Yeah, I think so.


  1. have you thought about trying something like YourShape or WiiFit? I don't know exactly how the logisitics would work out for you, but YourShape (which is available on Wii right now & I think Xbox Kinect is going to have it when it comes out) was a really great cardio workout for me, especially in the winter. I know it's not free, but at least it's a 1-time small investment. Other things I've tried have been video podcasts for free over iTunes for things like Yoga. I'm sure there's other great workout ones too. Good Luck lady! I'm excited to hear how it goes for you!

  2. Thanks Bri! I would have to weigh the investment into a Wii (sounds like a good excuse!) or an xbox.

    But thanks for the video podcast ideas.. hadn't thought of that!


  3. The Lawrence Parks & Recs facilities all have free weight and cardio equipment and lots of cheap classes (I know that's not free, but seriously, it's really reasonably priced) or you can ask for some passes to try out some classes.

  4. Thanks Megan!
    I will definitely be starting with the library!

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