Friday, October 08, 2010

How'd THAT get there?

As I left work today, I had to make sure I had the orange pen.

Orange? you ask. Why orange? Well, sometimes a horrific proof-reading job needs bright colors. And because I like to be consistent (makes me more in control, yes?!) I had to bring the orange pen home because I'm working from home this weekend.

But where in the world was the CAP to the orange pen? Not on the desk anywhere, not on the floor. Well, I had no idea so I grabbed the cap to the black pen. Because, black pens are boring anyway.

So, I'm home now, writing a blog post (not this one, one that I'll post tomorrow). Thinking about a nap to prepare for my big evening (big evening hanging out with the boyfriend's friends and their kids! So I'd rather not be sleepy!)

I adjust my bra and realize there's something in there. It's the damn cap for the orange pen!

-see post title-

Yeah, I have no idea.

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