Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

This semester (yes, I work at a university, thus time is measured by semesters...) I have been working in another department on Monday mornings. I have to drag the laptop to this office as well as my purse and bag of food for breakfast and lunch for the rest of the week. Oh, and my coffee.

This morning, it was quite the load on the crowded bus. 

This being my first day back to work, the productivity seems low. It usually kind of is on Monday. Unless I have a bunch of appointments. Forced productivity, I guess.

Mondays aren't anything special, really.

But they used to be...

Nine months ago, a friend hit up The Sandbar when she was waiting for her son to be done with an art class downtown. A couple of us joined her. She went again the next few weeks and a few more of us came. This was in February and I think we all just needed out of the house. Then the spring and summer months came and what better way to enjoy the warmer months then on the patio?

The group of us that always went got a little busy. And got a little low on cash so we haven't gone in some time. I expect us to need to get out of the house in February again so that might be our next Margarita Monday evening.

It sure did help make Mondays more special.

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  1. Thanks to the #lawmargmon crowd I used to look forward to Mondays. Wish I had as good a reason now.