Sunday, November 28, 2010

A word on National Blog Posting Month...

28 days into National Blog Posting Month (this is post #27) and a few thoughts about it.

It's been nice to have a group of people (via Twitter) helping with the encouragement. Nice to "report" to someone even if, I'm pretty sure, they aren't going to Fail me in life if I don't post something.
It's nice to have (just a bit of) pressure to constantly be thinking about ideas for blog posts - even if they're not the most compelling of stories.

But has this helped with getting comments (I love feedback): not really. I think what has helped is actually posting the blog links to twitter. I wasn't really doing that before (because sharing is scary sometimes!) And with more posting, it does seem like there have been more comments - but only in relation to the amount of blogs I post. I'm not getting dramatically increased comments per blog.

Have I devoted more time to reading other blogs? This past week, I've tried. I've really tried to keep on blog reading. But I didn't work! I had lots of free time. This month I did attempt to make more comments on blogs when I was reading posts. Because who doesn't love comment love? I know I do!

What do you get out of posting or sharing more blog entries? What has National Blog Posting Month done for you? What do you think we should do differently (this is aimed to the group who plans to participate again) in February?


  1. I feel the same way! I, however, have one follower (you) and you are the only person that comments! *Sad face*

  2. When did we decide that we were doing this again in February? Did I miss that (or just have a really bad memory)?

    I had very little time to read blogs the later part of November; trying to catch up. Will think more about your questions...

  3. Megan, I'll try and work on that for you :)

    Debbi, thought we talked about it in a buzz earlier in the month?

  4. so that's where Debbi asked this question. I figured it was IRL and I just missed it.