Friday, November 26, 2010


A couple months ago I was at my Grandma's visiting. She was preparing to pack her suitcase for a cruise on the shores of New England and southeast Canada. She was fretting about what to bring, if she would have enough luggage space and if she would have enough outfits for all her days on the cruise ship. I finally asked her "why don't you just start putting all the things you want in the suitcase and see what happens?!" I then proceeded to pack her suitcase for her.

I was amused because my grandma has been going on bus trips, cruises, month-long stays in northern Minnesota  for years (last year she went to China!). She's been travelling for more years than I've been alive. I told her she had "more experience packing then I did". She responded that she did not and that my grandpa had done all her packing for her when he was alive (this is my grandpa who died in 2004).

As I continued packing she told me that one time she forgot to pack his underwear and he did all the packing after that one time; she was just supposed to lay out what she wanted and he would pack it for her. I'm not sure why, but I thought this was adorable. I called my sister and told her - she was very amused as well. We thought back to how, before my grandparents two month trips to Minnesota, there would be stuff ALL over their house. It was because my grandma prepared it all and my grandpa packed it all. I'm not sure why this has stuck with me.

So really, my grandma went almost 50 years without packing her own suitcase and has just been responsible for packing herself for a few years. I guess I am better at it than she is.


  1. This is kind of adorable! Also, I like your usage of the word "fretting".

  2. Hi Bailey,

    Your profile picture is stunning. That is all. bye