Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's hot and humid and I hate it. My LEAST favorite time of year. I'm only okay with this hot weather if I'm in a pool. 

It never helps that for the past EIGHT years, I've moved right at the end of July. Which is horrid. And stressful. And I HATE that I keep having to ask my family and friends to help me move. So, July and August rolls around I'm probably not the most pleasant person. My temper is short and my already low amount of patience decreases further. 

And ya know what? People are annoying me. The people who I can read daily on Twitter is low. It's not  my friends or bloggers I love that are the culprits. It's those other people. Local acquaintances or general strangers. People complain (I'm doing it in this very blog entry) and that's fine to a certain extent. But it's when you complain ALL the time or you complain for the attention you get on my nerves. It's also an entirely other issue to just straight up attack people or entities because it's not your style of music or that's just not your thing. Let it be. And to simply state "I'm opinionated" really is just an excuse to be an asshole. 

So, are you being an asshole today? 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pointless "debates': something already taking up too much of our time

I don't like the idea of abortion, but people trying to control someone's personal decision drive me crazy.

Republicans who make abortion their number one voting priority drive me crazy. People who think we should deregulate political donations or the financial industry or because it interferes with the liberty and freedom (even if our children grow up to be ignorant and contribute nothing to society because we won't fund schools) because it was what our nation was founded on, drive me crazy. 

Osama Bin Laden believed America should be punished so he orchestrated a plot to fly planes into our buildings but that doesn't make his actions justifiable. You can believe  abortion is wrong but that doesn't make it RIGHT. And for God's sake let's try and EDUCATE and FEED and CLOTHE the people we have on our planet now. Stop trying to force your beliefs on everyone else. That's the point of freedom.

Monday, June 20, 2011

happy news and family emotions

My baby sister is getting married!
I am truly excited and am so glad she found such a wonderful fiance. (Honestly, I don't know how he puts up with her! Joking. Mostly.).
She's definitely going to be the sister (between the two of us) who is going to want the big wedding. I'm excited to be able to put my wedding planning skills to use. Well, I hope I do. I've always been the bossy older sister but if there is one thing I've learned about weddings, it's that the wedding should be about the people getting married and what they want. Not what everyone else wants. So hopefully, if nothing else, I impart that wisdom on her. Our mom, I'm sure, will get overly involved. I might event get a little pushy. I hope she doesn't let us.
Might you be thinking my next point would be to belabor the point that my younger sister is getting married before me? Nope. Don't need to. She's been with her boyfriend fiance! for four years and while I thought I would have been married by now, I honestly don't feel that pressure. I did that four (and a half) year degree thing which kind of takes a toll on earning money and actually being an adult. I've had a few years and have gotten over, gotten used to, accepted the amount of bills I owe. And other than financially struggling with bills, I'm happy. Lawrence is wonderful, I know a new job will come my way at some point and I've got a move to an awesome house with an amazing boyfriend.
Life is good. And I know my sister had been ready to start planning a wedding (and have babies) so I'm glad her and her fiance are now on the same page.

Other weekend highlights. I didn't go to Des Moines this weekend despite my mom's birthday on Saturday and Father's Day on Sunday. My mom was having a hard time over the weekend. She's crazy excited about Alli and Nick getting engaged but she had her first Father's Day since my grandpa died. Why do I know this? My dad told me. My dad and mom are divorced. They still get along - mostly- as long as my dad doesn't act like a jackass towards me ore my sister (it's been known to happen). My dad told me all this last evening when I called him to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He's gotten a bit emotional over the past year. Turning 50 maybe had something to do with it. I think his youngest daughter's engagement and his eldest daughter moving in with a boyfriend probably doesn't help. I also haven't been back to Des Moines since February and my has taken to telling lies: she hasn't seen me since December when we were back from Christmas? Not true Mom, not true.

Anyway, I feel bad not being back recently but since they're planning on visiting me at the end of July (to help with the move) I think we can all just relax until then. I hope so, at least!

Happy summer to all!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

loud noises

"You're not dressed very gangster."

With a skeptic look on my face, I glanced at Phil as I settled into the passenger's seat of his car. "Do you think I own anything that is gangster?" I asked. (I grew up in the suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa and now live in Lawrence, Kansas; a town best described as hipster).

"I've seen you wear one or two things," he replied.

I didn't end up changing so I was wearing my Gap shorts (What? it was really hot!) and pink cardigan to the Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony concert last night. If I wasn't going to come close to "gangster" why even try? "Polar opposite" seemed more hilarious anyway.

After dinner, we made our way to The Granada. Phil has been a "Bone" fan for awhile and had mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to go. I didn't realize until the next day that he wanted me to go with him. He was going to buy tickets, so why not? I don't go to enough concerts and we had no plans anyway.

On Friday, Lawrence.com's Twitter account was giving away tickets. Thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to answer a trivia question and win two tickets. (I may be reviving my Twitter contest winning streak I started two years ago. I won tickets for a country concert at The Granada and Mat Kearney tickets at The Beaumont Club as well as some free food. Most recently I wont VIP seats at The Dole Institute's lecture with Bob Woodward; a lecture that was my perfect mix of geekdom. Politics AND Journalism. Swoon.)

Lonely Hearts Club opened and for not being much of a rap fan, I enjoyed their performance. They also had various other (local, I think) rappers including Steddy P w G-Train (I only know this because of The Granada's website, for serious).

By the time Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony started there was more smoke inside The Granada then I had experienced since Lawrence's smoking ban in '04. But when the performers themselves aren't abiding by city rules, I don't think you can expect to control the habits of 1,000 or so fans.

I don't think I moved through the whole first song. During the openers, it was impossible not to move a bit to the beat. But this? This was LOUD. Not only could I feel the speakers, there was enough sound for my ear drum to be pulsing continuously.

After three songs, Phil motioned and we moved from the front area of the venue and went all the way behind the bar, close to the doors. Phil was disappointed that the acoustics were so bad. It did not need to be that loud and the feedback was bad. I was glad it wasn't just me. We stayed for a few more minutes but Phil decided we didn't need to stay.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Which is worse?

Is it worse to LIKE something because it IS popular?


Is it worse to NOT LIKE something because it is popular?

Either way, your opinion is based on the opinions on other people thus, not your own. You are still trying to project an image. Either that you "fit in" what a lot of people are talking about to portray a certain image or you don't like it because you don't want to like what EVERYONE else is liking in order to portray a certain image.

Either way, are you happy?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Online Groupon Deal - wall decals!

From what I can tell, you can get this anywhere, even though the deal is based in Des Moines.

$15 for $30 worth of wall decals (I LOVE these things!)

If you sign up via my referal link (above) and make a Groupon purchase, I get Groupon credit. :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

summer music

There's certain music that just IS summer for me. Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon, Kenny Chesney. 

And when the summer comes
The river swims at midnight
Shiver cold
Touch the bottom, you and I,
with muddy toes

You can hear the cries from the carnival rides,
The pinball bills, skee ball slides,
Watching the summer sun fall out of sight,
There's a warm wind coming in from off of the ocean
Making its way past the hotel wall to fill the streets

What a night for a dance, you know I'm a dancing machine.
With a fire in my bones, and the sweet taste of kerosene,
I get lost in the light, so high I don't wanna come down,
To face the loss of the good thing that I had found.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dancing Greek Restaurants and Souls; or "Things I've Learned This Week"

Dinner at a Greek restaurant where the servers dance and they flame your cheese appetizer table-side is fun. 
Having a few hours of girl talk over dinner and frozen yogurt at a colored fruit named place is necessary in life at least twice a month. 
Knowing they'll be friends you don't see every week - or even every month- that you'll be friends with for the rest of your life is good for the soul. 

Sidenote: I did an image search for "soul" to accompany this picture. The only thing that it came up with was images representing soul music. As it should be. Silly me for thinking we can have a physical representation of our actual souls.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

a gchat convo with The Becca and summer songs

me:  That Summer is a really fabulous song
I remembered it because they were doing a contest on the radio this morning
Playing a line or two from a song and you had to name the title.
Every song had Summer in the title and they actually PLAYED the title.
It was so easy.
But people still missed them.
Which is why I was screaming "BOYS OF SUMMER! BOYS OF SUMMER!" in my car on the way to work.
Becca:  hahahaha
That Summer by..... Garth Brooks?
 me:  si
 Becca:  I win!
 Sent at 11:01 AM on Thursday
 Becca:  In my head I can very clearly see you shouting that. There was probably arm movements invovled


Seriously, screaming. I mean, was I even ALIVE during the time that song was released? (EDIT: It was released the year I was born. I find this funny.)

Other songs that the radio used in the contest (titles with word "summer"):
"Summer Night", Rascal Flatts
"That Summer", Garth Brooks (as referenced in above chat)
"'Til Summer Comes Around", Keith Urban

What are your favorite summer songs? EW has a good list of the top 100 summer songs.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Well, if I'm wishing for things...

I got the following email from a coworker about scheduling some of our work duties:

I need to make a new hotline schedule for Summer (it will start June 6).  Could you please email me your availability/shift preferences for Summer by May 13?

Is it bad that I wanted to respond with: "I would prefer not to be working here anymore so please don't give me any shifts".

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

strawberry fields forever

No, this post has nothing to do with getting high. That's what The Beatles song was about, right? If not, well, I just assume these things...

I'm listening to the soundtrack from Across the Universe which was a musical movie based on music by The Beatles. I love musicals and who doesn't love songs by The Beatles? The movie came out in 2007 and either that summer or the summer after, my friend Megan and I bought the soundtrack together and drove around Clinton Lake listening to it. It was a 2-disc set and she liked more music on the second disc, I liked more music on the first disc. So after loading all the music from to our laptops, we took our respective discs for our own.
Megan and her boyfriend left in July 2008 to move to Japan to teach English. I've seen her twice (I think) since then. Her first trip back was a year later in 2009 when she and Nathan got married. The next trip back was Christmas 2009 (if you're keeping track, it's been over a year since I've seen her).

Meg and Nate announced a few weeks ago they would be returning to the states (and Lawrence, Kansas!!!) for good this August. They'll be here this weekend looking for a place to live and employment. I am absolutely ecstatic that they are returning! Their return really highlights how much can change in three years. The last year of college (2007) was pretty rough. I had to work and was leader of one of the largest student orgs on campus. I was living with people who ended up not being the friends I thought they were. Actually, now that I think about it, I see that as the leap/transition from being a college student to trying to be a grownup (still a work in progress, really). I am not sure I would have gotten through the summer of 2007 and last semester of college (fall 2007) without her. We graduated that fall and searched for jobs together. We found jobs that neither of us ended up being happy with. She figured it out right away and, when the opportunity presented itself, went on a grand adventure to Japan. It took me longer to figure out that this job isn't what I want. And now, once again, Megan and I are looking for jobs.

Except three years ago, I was 23 and fresh out of college. I spent two months post grad completely unemployed and socially withdrawn. It feels like crap to have had a productive and resume-filled 4 1/2 years to be released to the real world and feel that you may not be living up to the expectations. There were people that hurt me and judged me and I didn't want them to know. I didn't want to spend time with them, let alone know I had failed. Though, now being unemployed for two months doesn't seem so bad in comparison to what the economy has been in the past three years. And my social life has picked back up. Post graduation, it's easy to lament the loss of friends scattered far. It takes more to insert yourself in new social situations and make new friends. It's not easy to do when you're surrounded by thousands of college students who are no longer your peers but the people you're supposed to advise. Now, my job search is fueled by my desire to move back into a career field that I'm excited about being a part of. It's not fuled my a post-grad panic filled with lots of CBS show (the only channel I could get) watching and scrambled egg and toast eating.
Three years ago, I never thought Megan would be married and living with her boyfriend in Japan while I'm planning to move in with my boyfriend. My boyfriend, Phil, who Megan hasn't even met. This seems crazy.

"living is easy with eyes closed"

Monday, April 18, 2011

My sparkly blue nail polish mocks me

(Note: I wrote this on March 27, a few weeks ago after KU lost the tournament game to make it into the final 4. Not sure why I didn't hit "publish post".)


KU can't win it every year but every year there's always that point when fans think, "this is the year". And then they lose.

And, for the 2nd year in a row, KU loses on a day when a cold-snap brings snow to Lawrence. There's always one freak snowfall in March but I am not amused it falls on the same day as a KU loss.

But it's this kid that makes this hurt. Here for four years and totally worked his butt off. There are several on the team that have their choice to leave or stay, but this was Tyrel's last game.

I came up to my office after the game to work on some cover letters and job applications. Might as well be productive while I pretend not to be sad.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's the free time that's dangerous

Where did all this free time come from this weekend? Did I not plan accordingly. Am I feeling restless... about I don't even know what? Is it the lack of jobs to apply for? Is it the waiting for the jobs I HAVE applied for making me nervous and jumpy? Is it the warmer weather? Is it my lack of exercise?

I feel anxious. Maybe because things are going to change? Well, I don't know if they're GOING to, but I hope they're going to be changing soon. I feel this buzz. The electricity in the refrigerator seems louder, not because there is no other sound in the house, but it knows too. Yes, the refrigerator is humming with electricity because things might be changing. And I'm ready. But I'm not being patient about the waiting. I'm moody (yesterday I was on top of the clouds enjoying the day and today I'm grumpy for no good reason). I'm being sarcastic (especially at work) in a bitter, not-fun sort of way.

I'm questioning myself. Who am I? I think I've always had a very poor concept of who I am. A friend during my sophomore year in college told me she didn't think boys asked me out because they thought I was intimidating. I still find that shocking. I was shy and quiet growing up. A couple of friends I made freshman year in high school at first thought I was a snob because I didn't talk to them. I didn't talk to them because I was shy and afraid everyone was going to hate me. So, thinking me in high school OR college was anything close to intimidating seems absolutely laughable. I've known since ninth grade that I'm a bitch. But that was because I had one friend I always fought with and that's what we called each other in the mean, horrific, that's-the-worst-thing-you-can-say-to-a15-year-old way. I can still be a bitch. But mostly because if I have an opinion, I'll share it. And my sympathy is low on most occasions. Especially at work. And it's at work where when I hear people say things about me, I'm wondering who they're talking about. I'm sassy. And outspoken. And the one who is speaking up to say, "no, don't let this happen today, it's NOT ready!" (Totally my best moment at work last fall). They also think I'm funny and insightful. And this baffles me. Maybe I'm still getting over or moving past that girl I was in high school. That girl who with low self-confidence. Since sometimes mid-college, I have slowly figured out things about me that I like (god, that sounds sad and pathetic). And the people I keep around me are the ones that like the same things about me. And the majority of the time, I surround myself with those people and those ideas. And I keep myself busy with work. And looking for more work. And being excited about my friend Megan coming back to town. And spending time with my wonderful boyfriend. And doing work for my wonderful boyfriend's new company. And working with the Girl Scout troop that I'm a co-leader for.And spending time with friends. But sometimes, on a weekend like this, where I have less to do and I can't convince myself to do actual housework, I think about ME. And that's unsettling. Because. Because: Who am I?

Sometimes, I have no idea.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's happening, April?

One day, when I am not spending every free moment applying for new jobs, I will write more. But I've always said that. I've always said "I want to write more". I want to develop a style. I want to be inspired to write a story.
On occasion, I have great moments of inspiration to write. It hasn't happened in awhile, but I would sometimes start writing just a thought right before bed. And sometimes the (somewhat poetic) thoughts wouldn't stop for an hour. I would just write and write. I don't have quite as much free time anymore, so my free thinking, creative thoughts aren't as active.

But today, I'm sitting at Henry's with Phil on a gorgeous spring afternoon in Lawrence. I had to work at my real job today (yes, on a Saturday). And I stopped by the Lawrence library to get the next book in the YA series I somehow can't stop reading. (We can blame my highschool BFF for that.)
So, I'm sitting here with Phil, doing a little work for his company, making some headway in my Google Reader and looking for jobs. As of right now I, shockingly, have no jobs to apply for. I've been pretty seriously job hunting for about six months and have constantly had jobs to apply for. I feel very lucky that there is so much opportunity in the Kansas City area in the field I want to be in.
I had a job interview in February for a small events and meeting planning boutique. It seemed like a great job and a good fit but I was not comfortable at the interview. Maybe because my interview skills were rusty but I kind of think the person I interviewed with wasn't very personable/friendly. At least, she didn't come across like that in the interview. So that was definitely not my best. I did receive a call they were moving on in their search with other candidates. I wasn't that sad about it.
I interviewed for a position with a super-new start-up tech company. It has a lot of buzz right now. A LOT. OF. BUZZ. But it was a two-month contract. And I had to start, like, yesterday. And as much as I'm not at all content and completely annoyed with my current job, I made it clear that I could not start for another two weeks. At least. Because leaving before June would give my current coworkers a lot more work in an already full spring semester. So, I won't screw them over. I'm loyal like that.
I applied for a job for a company in KC in January (yes, THREE months ago). I thought the position was open. I received a response that they weren't looking for anyone. (Me= totally confused). But the company contacted me about a month ago. They had some positions open again. After 3 weeks of phone-tag, I finally had an interview scheduled for this past week. It went great! It's a very employee-focused company. Casual dress (ie jeans) and the HR recruiter was personable and friendly and there were really only two "interview" questions. It was a conversation, not a question and answer session. Between the really great interview (including)  the promise of an additional interview with some management in the area of the position) and the pingpong + video game room, I'm really excited for this position. The ONLY downside is the commute. Forty minutes each way. Not bad, but definitely a time suck.
But I do have a second interview next week, so it's promising.

But there are two positions IN the city I live that I REALLY want because the commute would, obviously, be shorter. And I could do more work for my boyfriend's company. BUT WHO KNOWS. I need a job offer before I make any decisions. But here I sit, with no jobs to apply for. And that seems weird. But I'm sure something will pop up in a few days. Or, even better, I have an actual job offer.

But I have to time to write. And Henry's reminds me I want to sit in a coffee shop all day writing. Or doing something creative.
Or, thinking how me and my friend Becca should start an event planning business. Or, how I should be looking into more freelance writing opportunities. Or how there's so much stuff I could do and I just can't decide.

And how this blog entry has completely lost any focus.

What were we talking about again?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Newspaper Fingernails

This fun idea was popping up in my twitter feed today.  Newsprint on my fingernails?! Fun!
Alas, the article linked to another and the instructions were in French.

What's a non-French speaking girl to do? Besides learning French and risk being whisked away to the land of Eiffel?

Google translator, of course.

You'll need scissors, a nail polish color pale, with a base coat
a newspaper, alcohol (such as vodka or other) and a top coat.

Varnish your nails by applying a base coat and two coats of varnish.
Put alcohol in a glass.
Cut small pieces of newspaper large enough to cover your nails.
When your nails are dry, soak them in alcohol.

Cover your nails with small pieces of newspaper.
Remove small pieces of newsprint slowly.
Let dry and apply a layer of top coat.

Can't wait to try it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a little bit warmer

I walked to my office this afternoon after eating my lunch outside behind my building. The bench wasn't very comfortable but the stone was warm and welcoming. My arms and face had turned a bit pink from the 30 minutes I had spent outside. It wasn't long, but my skin has been missing color for months now.

Wasn't it snowing this time last week?

In the middle of January, in the middle of February the winter season seems so long. But now, I'm wondering "didn't we just celebrate my birthday?" and "What happened to Christmas?" and "Did I listen to any holiday music?"

We're happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

While I love the snow falling and twinkling Christmas lights and a crackling fire in the fireplace I also need the change. I appreciate the crisp air of a late October morning because just two months before the temperature is higher than a human's body temperature and the humidity makes me melt into a puddle. So, it is about time for the weather to warm up. 

But not too much.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

You know it when....

You know it's bad/serious you need a new job when your coworkers start emailing you/printing out job opportunities they think you'd be perfect for...

*Not that they want you to leave but they're ALSO looking for new jobs

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is a rant

"Tell the devil I said "hey" when you get back to where you're from..."

As an employee, I'm responsible, hard-working and a team-player. 
I will do what I'm required and go above and beyond. 

But that stops as soon as you take advantage of my willingness to do more than just my part,
...that stops when you are condescending,
...that stops when you make me feel worthless and lazy.

Others feel the same way. 
I'm just saying it and making it known that it is not okay. 
I'm not accepting the status quo.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

NaBloPoMo - February!

The email I got from NaBloPoMo about February blogging:

Greetings, bloggers! The theme for February blogging is CHARACTER. It's a flexible theme, allowing you to blog about all sorts of things:

1. The people in your life who stand out in regard to their outstanding (or lack of) character -- the use of pseudonyms might be prudent here;
2. Experiences in your life that have helped you build moral character, and the work you might still need to do;
3. It's a chance to try writing in character -- try on different personas and voices for fun, or to address things you might not normally talk about;
4. Character is another word for a letter or symbol, if you feel like it's finally time to indulge in some font nerdery.

I know a few characters. I also like to create characters for stories I never get around to writing. Maybe working on some interesting character development this month will get me motivated for - at the very least- a short story or two. We'll see.

Happy Blogging, NaBloPoMo kids! Just think, at the end of THIS month, it'll be March and we can **hope** the weather will be a bit warmer.

Yours blogging from the Blizzard of Oz,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a year ago

Amazing what can change in a year.

A little over a year ago, I cried late at night, by the fireplace at my old house, over a stupid boy. A stupid boy whose goal in life was to be a high school football coach in a small town (sorry Meg, I know you're friends). The next day, in an effort to be around people and not be so mopey, I went to lunch with someone who over the previous few months had become a good friend. And I complained about what happened with the stupid boy.

It took us a few more months, but that friend and I finally figured out we both wanted to be more than just friends. And the past six months have been amazing :)

And I wouldn't change a thing.