Thursday, May 26, 2011

a gchat convo with The Becca and summer songs

me:  That Summer is a really fabulous song
I remembered it because they were doing a contest on the radio this morning
Playing a line or two from a song and you had to name the title.
Every song had Summer in the title and they actually PLAYED the title.
It was so easy.
But people still missed them.
Which is why I was screaming "BOYS OF SUMMER! BOYS OF SUMMER!" in my car on the way to work.
Becca:  hahahaha
That Summer by..... Garth Brooks?
 me:  si
 Becca:  I win!
 Sent at 11:01 AM on Thursday
 Becca:  In my head I can very clearly see you shouting that. There was probably arm movements invovled


Seriously, screaming. I mean, was I even ALIVE during the time that song was released? (EDIT: It was released the year I was born. I find this funny.)

Other songs that the radio used in the contest (titles with word "summer"):
"Summer Night", Rascal Flatts
"That Summer", Garth Brooks (as referenced in above chat)
"'Til Summer Comes Around", Keith Urban

What are your favorite summer songs? EW has a good list of the top 100 summer songs.

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