Monday, June 20, 2011

happy news and family emotions

My baby sister is getting married!
I am truly excited and am so glad she found such a wonderful fiance. (Honestly, I don't know how he puts up with her! Joking. Mostly.).
She's definitely going to be the sister (between the two of us) who is going to want the big wedding. I'm excited to be able to put my wedding planning skills to use. Well, I hope I do. I've always been the bossy older sister but if there is one thing I've learned about weddings, it's that the wedding should be about the people getting married and what they want. Not what everyone else wants. So hopefully, if nothing else, I impart that wisdom on her. Our mom, I'm sure, will get overly involved. I might event get a little pushy. I hope she doesn't let us.
Might you be thinking my next point would be to belabor the point that my younger sister is getting married before me? Nope. Don't need to. She's been with her boyfriend fiance! for four years and while I thought I would have been married by now, I honestly don't feel that pressure. I did that four (and a half) year degree thing which kind of takes a toll on earning money and actually being an adult. I've had a few years and have gotten over, gotten used to, accepted the amount of bills I owe. And other than financially struggling with bills, I'm happy. Lawrence is wonderful, I know a new job will come my way at some point and I've got a move to an awesome house with an amazing boyfriend.
Life is good. And I know my sister had been ready to start planning a wedding (and have babies) so I'm glad her and her fiance are now on the same page.

Other weekend highlights. I didn't go to Des Moines this weekend despite my mom's birthday on Saturday and Father's Day on Sunday. My mom was having a hard time over the weekend. She's crazy excited about Alli and Nick getting engaged but she had her first Father's Day since my grandpa died. Why do I know this? My dad told me. My dad and mom are divorced. They still get along - mostly- as long as my dad doesn't act like a jackass towards me ore my sister (it's been known to happen). My dad told me all this last evening when I called him to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He's gotten a bit emotional over the past year. Turning 50 maybe had something to do with it. I think his youngest daughter's engagement and his eldest daughter moving in with a boyfriend probably doesn't help. I also haven't been back to Des Moines since February and my has taken to telling lies: she hasn't seen me since December when we were back from Christmas? Not true Mom, not true.

Anyway, I feel bad not being back recently but since they're planning on visiting me at the end of July (to help with the move) I think we can all just relax until then. I hope so, at least!

Happy summer to all!

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  1. So excited for Alli! And you are pretty awesome at wedding planning (I speak with experience)! Also, if you need any help moving, Nathan will be in town. Just let me know! Love you!