Wednesday, September 22, 2010

give me a break technology!

My friend Erin's birthday surprise (cupcakes!) was almost ruined when I thought she was going to read the blog yesterday while in the car on the way to her birthday celebration! YES, the cupcakes were in the back seat of my car and YES they were creating a lovely, cupcake-y aroma.

How did she almost ruin it, you ask?! Stupid, stupid technology. I had tweeted about "blog vomiting" earlier in the evening and she asked if I had posted it and where. I responded "blogger" without thinking about the very, very smart android phone in her hand. I told her "don't look at it! it's a surprise!". She asked "why?" I responded "ooh, look it's lightening!" She wasn't distracted as I thought she would be but I was able to move the conversation away from the blog and the imminent cupcake surprise.


  1. You do realize I would have not been able to look at your blog on my phone. I don't know your blog address on the top of my head. :)

    And, I was on twitter!

    Lastly, "ooh, look it's lightning!" is the worst subject-changer ever ;)

  2. I panicked! I didn't want you to know about the cupcakes! They're magical!