Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's hot and humid and I hate it. My LEAST favorite time of year. I'm only okay with this hot weather if I'm in a pool. 

It never helps that for the past EIGHT years, I've moved right at the end of July. Which is horrid. And stressful. And I HATE that I keep having to ask my family and friends to help me move. So, July and August rolls around I'm probably not the most pleasant person. My temper is short and my already low amount of patience decreases further. 

And ya know what? People are annoying me. The people who I can read daily on Twitter is low. It's not  my friends or bloggers I love that are the culprits. It's those other people. Local acquaintances or general strangers. People complain (I'm doing it in this very blog entry) and that's fine to a certain extent. But it's when you complain ALL the time or you complain for the attention you get on my nerves. It's also an entirely other issue to just straight up attack people or entities because it's not your style of music or that's just not your thing. Let it be. And to simply state "I'm opinionated" really is just an excuse to be an asshole. 

So, are you being an asshole today? 

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