Sunday, August 09, 2009


Where's the line between having hope and being delusional?

What's the difference between he's just not that into you and actually having too much work to do?

Where do you differentiate between lazy and taking the time to relax (especially in regards to unpacking...)?

Do you ask the question even if you're afraid of the answer? Even if not knowing is driving you insane?

When does "standing your grand" become too stubborn (and childish)?

Why is it easier to ask an unending amount of questions than finding the answers?

Edited to add: What's the difference in being the headstrong, independent woman who won't give up and being "that crazy chick" who doesn't have and won't take a clue. (I'd like to think my self-preservation instincts allow me to be the former... because I'd also like to think my levels of common sense won't allow me to be the latter. *crosses fingers*

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