Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things about the economy, etc

What? You don't want to be a "dancer".?
Ok, maybe our economy is sucking, but we solved this problem.

Also, this is troubling to hear when you work for a state university. Just so the karma gods know, I really like my job and am very grateful for it. *amen*

Somewhat related (?) check out this ridiculous Gawker entry
about the creation of Pepsi's new logo. It is so elaborate it is either totally brilliant or the biggest load of crap ever. Either way, very imaginative (or something). And Pepsi does have a cool new branding theme. As always, cool and young, but this year it also includes a little bit of that Obama-Hope.

Pepsi, along with alcohol, makeup, fast food joints and desperate car companies will be the only advertising you see besides primetime infomercials. Oh, the horror.

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