Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Humble Midwest

There's a reason those of us who live in the Midwest United States do. It is not for the ocean front property. It's not for quick mountain getaway. We do have our own landscape but I think it is only truly appreciated by those who have lived here.

Those on the coasts, perhaps, have no idea why we'd want to live here.

Our answers? There could be several: the people are nicer, the cost of living is lower, it's a better place to raise the kids.

My answer? The people are humble.


: not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive
: reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission humble apology>
a : ranking low in a hierarchy or scale : insignificant, unpretentious b : not costly or luxurious humble contraption>
Now, I don't agree with insignificant but unpretentious and not arrogant, sure. And clearly, this is a generalization. There are complete jerks who live in the Midwest but I'd like to think they don't get that far here. (Naive thought, sure. But I like thinking positively.)
The last semester in college, I attended a recruitment event. It was not an interview, but I sat down with the recruiter from this company in Chicago and what he hold me has stuck. He goes to schools in the Midwest and he goes to school east of Chicago - in Indiana and farther East. What he observed, was that students at Midwest schools (specifically, KU with ots rockin' J-School) don't sell themselves enough. They are too humble. The students don't brag enough about themselves to the  recruiters. Especially, when compared to the students from IU, Notre Dame and others to the East. 


Is the Midwest as a whole suffering in securing jobs when in competition with those from other parts of the country and even possibly, the world? I can't answer that. But it's certainly something to think about while job hunting and preparing for interviews.  

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