Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Bliss of Laugher

@laughing_bones suggested I blog about what made me laugh today (when I complained I didn't know what to blog about a few minutes ago). I know I laughed but nothing particularly note- (or blog-) worthy that I can recall.

But it did remind me of how I'm "Finding Bliss". I won't lie, I was uptight and worried a lot when I was in high school and definitely in college. I worried that I wasn't doing the right thing and that people didn't like me or I was making a fool out of my self. I still do sometimes but I know that worrying can overcome the fun and enjoyment in life. Worrying about the person you irritates you isn't going to let me laugh more. Or have a good day.

So, I won't waste time on people who are rude. Who are irritating. Who feel the need to analyze and complain ALL. THE. TIME. I'm all for complaining and letting off a little steam but I am aware of myself now when doing this and I hope to limit how much of it I do.

Because I'd rather laugh. 


  1. I'd definitely rather laugh, too. Happy to see your post. Now I can go to bed.

  2. I'll try to do it sooner to be conscious of my east-coast readers/#NaBloPoMo friends :)

  3. Nice to see you up Bailey :)
    I need to remember to HEAR the laughter more...because it always makes me smile...my three little people make so much laughter...I store it up to get through the rough days.