Saturday, November 13, 2010

A word about renting...

Moving sucks.
Moving every year (or more) for 7 years sucks.

Dishonest landlords and shady "stories" suck even more.

This eloquent, thoughtful and vocabulary-rich NaBloPoMo blog entry brought to you by Bailey.


  1. ROFL.
    Not at the sentiment. Renting and landlords suck.
    Soooo thankful we own our home.
    In March, I will have lived in one spot for the longest time, ever.

  2. you're moving again?! So sorry. You're more than welcome here, but you'd have to be on the couch this time.

  3. I'm not moving! Becca has to! Was given 6 days notification that the landlord had "lost" the condo. CRAZY.