Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This, ladies and gentlemen, is post number thirty for the month of November. As you can see by the fancy, flashy, shiny new badge on the left side of my post.

Right here
No, down a bit more.

Isn't it fun?! And kind of snarky/sarcastic?! Love it.

I also love that I made it to the end of the month with 30 posts! I didn't quite get one posted every day but I doubled up several days to make up for it. 30 posts, 30 days. Never done before by this blog.

I hope you've enjoyed them! Some were silly and done with very little effort and some of them meant a lot. This one, too. And this one, definitely.

I don't think I could have done it without blogging pressure (only the good kind, of course) from Debbi, Amerika, Jenn and Eric. It really is true it's easier to do things with others. There were quite a few other people doing NaBloPoMo and I hope there are even more if we do it in February!

Edited to add: my friend Megan in Japan was just 5 posts away! So close!
And another Megan (in Lawrence) was part of the fun, too.

But can you believe it? December is tomorrow. TOMORROW!

What I'm excited about in December:
  • my goal of commenting more on other blogs
  • working on my own website (this is a maybe or a Jan/Feb sort of thing- my computer access is limited in a few weeks)
  • spending Christmas with this goofy guy
  • the first snow fall (I LIKE snow. Don't hate.)
  • holiday baking fest 2010
  • hopefully, a possible job interview (my grandma and I keep dreaming about it - that's gotta mean something, right?!)


  1. Awww, thanks! I've definitely been encouraged by you great and awesome bloggers. Let's keep it up!

  2. It's definitely helped having an encouraging cohort of bloggers!
    I'm excited about a potential Lawrence blogging group/event!

  3. I'm so jealous! I don't make the 30 posts, but CONGRATS to you! Love and miss you!

  4. I just counted and realized I was 5 shy from the goal. Damn!